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This page features select testimonials about Sequoia products.

“Our two LISST-100Xs have consistently provided us with high quality data for various field projects conducted over the past 10 years, in environments ranging from rivers and lakes to the coastal ocean. We’ve relied on our LISSTs for environmental monitoring, sediment transport model calibration and validation, and scientific research, and have experienced nearly 100% data return for thousands of vertical profiles and months’ worth of moored time series.

Further, we have received exceptional technical support for our LISST-100Xs. About nine years ago, one of our LISST’s lasers became misaligned during shipping. One of Sequoia’s technicians spent over 2 hours on the phone with our field staff to talk us through the alignment procedure until it was corrected. As the result of this remarkable service, our fieldwork proceeded as planned, which saved thousands of dollars and valuable time.”

Grace Chang, Ph.D.
Marine Science and Engineering
Integral Consulting Inc. (USA)

“The LISST-Portable|XR data were instrumental for us in development and implementation of a new product”
Kim Schøn Ekmann
BioMar A/S (Denmark)

“…I have to compliment the service provided by Sequoia that has been outstanding, all at no additional charges. LISST-VSF is an excellent instrument, when it is carefully calibrated. With the calibration we developed, we were able to measure the VSFs of particles of very clean seawater in the North Pacific Ocean that have been filtered through 0.2 um.”
Xiaodong Zhang, Ph.D., Professor
University of Southern Mississippi (USA)

“Our LISST-100 has been in operation for 20+ years on multiple field studies, ranging from the frigid waters of Greenland and Canada over Danish coastal waters to tropical waters in Vietnam and Costa Rica. It has travelled tens of 1000’s of miles on planes, cars and research vessels and has been returned for service/repair only once in that period.”

Thorbjorn Joest Andersen, Ph.D., Professor
Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management
University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

“You and your team have released a very impressive upgrade (LISST-200X). I do confess to having a bit of LISST envy, even though my 100X is and continues to be a key component of my field programs.”

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