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Optical Path Reduction Module for LISST-100X and -200X

The Optical Path Reduction Modules (PRM) are used with the LISST-100X and LISST-STX to reduce the optical path in the field without the need for permanent optical path reductions. The bolt-on PRMs are available to reduce the optical path by 50%, 80%, and 90% for the LISST-100X and 50% reduction for the LISST-STX.

Please be aware that you need a Large Volume Test Chamber for clean-water background measurements when you are using a PRM. See below for more information on the Large Volume Test Chamber.

LISST-100X 50% PRM    LISST-100X 80% PRM   LISST-100X 90% PRM

LISST-100X 50% PRM             LISST-100X 80% PRM               LISST-100X 90% PRM

LISST-200X Path Reduction Module

Large volume test chamber

Large volume test chamber for use with LISST-200X or LISST-100X with Path Reduction Modules. The chamber has an O-ring seal that allows the optics end of the instrument to be submerged while the instrument is horizontal on the bench. This chamber is highly recommended when using the Path Reduction Modules.

Part # SEQ-A-L100X-CHLG and SEQ-A-L200X-CHLG for the LISST-100X and LISST-200X, respectively.

Large Volume Test Chamber for LISST-100/-100X Horizontal acrylic chamber with O-ring and drain valve. Ideal for doing background measurements (zscats) with an optical path reduction module in place. Large Volume Test Chamber for LISST-200X. Horizontal acrylic chamber with O-ring and drain valve.

Full Path Flow Through Chamber

The Full Path Flow Though Chamber is installed on to the optics of the standard-path LISST-100X or LISST-200X. The chamber allows a sample to be pumped through the chamber. When combined with a pump and stirred sample container the Full Path Flow Through Chamber allows the submersible LISST-100X or LISST-200X to be used as a laboratory particle size analyzer.

Part # SEQ-A-L100X-CHFP or SEQ-A-L200X-CHFP


Full Path Mixing Chamber for LISST-100X

The Full path mixing chamber is installed on to the optics of a standard path (5cm) LISST-100X. The chamber has a volume of approximately. 100ml with built in magnetically coupled mixer and drain. Adjustable speed controller and power supply provided. The Mixing Chamber allows the submersible LISST-100X to be used as a laboratory particle size analyzer.

Part # SEQ-A-L100X-CHMX


Small Volume Flow Through Chamber for LISST-100X

The Small Volume Flow Through Chamber reduces the optical path length to 1 cm for higher maximum concentrations.  It is optimized for pumped flow through applications and it seals on optics of standard 5 cm path instruments only. When combined with a pump and stirred sample container the Small Volume Flow Through Chamber allows the submersible LISST-100X to be used as a laboratory particle size analyzer.

Part # SEQ-A-L100X-CHSV


LISST-100X Replacement Background Chamber

Used for background scatter measurements (zscat) before deployment. One chamber was included with all new LISST-100X instruments.

Part # SEQ-A-L100X-CHZS


LISST-100X/LISST-STX Alkaline Battery

A replacement battery for the LISST-100X /LISST-STX with 18 alkaline D-cells assembled into a custom battery pack to provide the +9 and -9V required by the LISST-100X and LISST-STX.The battery pack is not rechargeable.

NOTE: The LISST-100X battery pack CANNOT be used with the discontinued LISST-100/LISST-ST instruments.

One installed and one spare battery is included with all new LISST-100X and LISST-STX instruments.


Integrated Power and Communications Cables

Integrated Power and Communications cables are available for the LISST-100X / LISST-STX / LISST-Deep in lengths of 20, 30 and 50 meters. The yellow jacketed cable has a breaking strength of 1000 pounds. The standard underwater connectors for communications and power are molded to the cable.

Part # SEQ-A-L100X-CBL20, SEQ-A-L100X-CBL30, and SEQ-A-L100X-CBL50 for 20, 30 and 50 m lengths.


Replacement 2-meter Communications Cable

Two meter communications cable with 5-pin underwater connector and DB-9 Serial Port connector for the LISST-100X / LISST-STX / LISST-Deep. Also used for powering (but not communicating with) the LISST-HOLO with external power (110/220 VAC).

One cable is included with all new LISST-100X, LISST-STX, LISST-Deep, and LISST-HOLO instruments.

Part # SEQ-A-L100X-CBL02


Clamps for LISST-100X

Clamps for easy mounting of the LISST-100X, LISST-Deep, LISST-STX, or the LISST-Holo and their external battery pack housings to a frame or simply to a wire for stand-alone profiling.

A set of two two-piece clamps are included with all new LISST-100X, LISST-STX, LISST-Holo and LISST-Deep instruments.

Part # SEQ-A-L100X-CLP2 (set of two two-piece clamps)

Two-piece clamp. Two-piece clamp.

Instrument Stands

One pair of stands ships as standard with all new LISST-200X, LISST-100X, LISST-Deep, LISST-STX, and LISST-Holo instruments.

Replacement instrument stands for the LISST-100X, LISST-Deep, and LISST-HOLO. One pair of stands ships as standard with a new instrument. Can also be used for mounting the instrument in the field.


LISST-Pump for LISST-StreamSide and LISST-Infinite

The LISST-Pump is a 12 V stainless submersible Mini-Monsoon® well pump that comes with a custom pump controller box for easy integration with the LISST-StreamSide or LISST-Infinite. The pump controller box allows the LISST-StreamSide and LISST-Infinite firmware to control the pump. It also allows the user to select between 3 pump speeds (2.5, 5 and 10 A). The exact speed setting is to be determined in the field once the vertical and horizontal distance from the pump to the instrument is known. Flow speed in the tube must be kept above 0.6 m/s (2 ft/s) to prevent settling of particles.


LISST-StreamSide Pump

LISST-StreamSide Pump

Frames and Cages for LISST deployment

Sequoia does not manufacture or sell frames or cages for the LISST instruments. However, numerous other companies can build custom frames for your LISST for any type of deployment – profiling, mooring, towing etc. For example, the frames on the picture were built for a LISST-100X by Mooring Systems, Inc. in Cataumet, MA.

Contact Mooring Systems if you need a frame or cage for any of your LISST instruments.


LISST-100X External Battery Pack

External Battery Pack for LISST-100X. Anodized aluminum housing for external battery pack with underwater connectors and cables for mating with LISST-100X. Includes two battery packs installed. For long-term deployments, or for powering a BioBlock for extended duration deployments.

Part # SSA-L100X-EB or SSA-L100X-EBB (for use with LISST-100X with BioBlock).

LISST-100X External Battery Pack

LISST-100X External Battery Pack

LISST-100X/LISST-STX External AC Power Supply

External AC power supply for powering LISST-100X and LISST-STX in the laboratory. International power compatible.

One power supply is included with all new LISST-100X and LISST-STX instruments.


A mechanical anti-fouling accessory for the LISST-100X and LISST-25X. Sliding copper shutters in front of the windows limit fouling to a minimum. BIOBLOCK is controlled by the LISST-100X or LISST-25X to open before a measurement takes place and close again after the measurement.

BIOBLOCK Here the BIOBLOCK is seen installed on a LISST-100X (to the left) and a LISST-25X.

LISST-Holo External Battery Case


LISST-Holo External Battery Case

LISST-Holo External Battery Case

External battery pack for the LISST-Holo. Includes one standard LISST-Holo battery (SSA-LHO-BAT) installed, connecting cables and shipping container (SSA-L25X-SC).

LISST-Holo Full Path Flow Through Chamber


LISST-Holo Flow Through Chamber

LISST-Holo Flow Through Chamber

LISST-Holo Alkaline Battery


Main battery for LISST-HOLO including installed connectors. Non-rechargeable. NOTE: One battery ships installed in all new LISST- HOLO external battery packs (SSA-LHO-EBP).

LISST-Holo Alkaline Battery

LISST-Holo Alkaline Battery

LISST-Holo Path Reduction Module


The LISST-Holo PRM comes with two spacers for easy adjustment of the PRM to 50 or 80% path reduction.



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