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Sediment Management in River Basins: An Essential Element of the River Basin Management Plans

Author(s): Habel M, Szatten D, Babinski Z, Nadolny G

Published in: In: Zeleňáková M., Kubiak-Wójcicka K., Negm A.M. (eds) Quality of Water Resources in Poland. Springer Water. Springer, Cham.

Microbubbles as Proxies for Oil Spill Delineation in Field Tests

Author(s): Wang Y, Thanyamanta W, Bulger C, Bose N, Hwang J

Published in: J. Mar. Sci. Eng. 2021, 9, 126.

The Importance of Organic Content to Fractal Floc Properties in Estuarine Surface Waters: Insights From Video, LISST, and Pump Sampling

Author(s): Fall KA, Friedrichs CT, Massey GM, Bowers DG, Jarrell Smith S

Published in: Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 126, e2020JC016787

Dynamics of fluvial hydro-sedimentological, nutrient, particulate organic matter and effective particle size responses during the U.K. extreme wet winter of 2019–2020

Author(s): Upadhayay HR, Granger SJ, Collins AL

Published in: Science of the Total Environment 774 (2021) 145722

Field evaluation of a compact, polarizing topo-bathymetric lidar across a range of river conditions

Author(s): Kinzel PJ, Legleiter CJ, Grams PE

Published in: River Res Applic. 2021;1–13.

A statistical interpretation of acoustic backscatter and laser responses to suspended particle variations in the coastal shelf

Author(s): Santos AI, Carinhas D, Oliveira A, Pinto JP, Freitas MC, Hanes DM

Published in: Marine Geology 436 (2021) 106474

The hidden influence of large particles on ocean colour

Author(s): Davies EJ, Basedow SL, McKee D

Published in: Scientific Reports (2021)11:3999

Propagation, deposition, and suspension characteristics of constant‐volume particle‐driven gravity currents

Author(s): Ikeda J, Testik FY

Published in: Environmental Fluid Mechanics 21, 177–208(2021)

A comparison study on the sediment flocculation process between a bare tidal flat and a clam aquaculture mudflat: The important role of sediment concentration and biological processes

Author(s): Li J, Chen X, Townend I, Shi B, Du J, Gao J, Chuai X, Gong Z, Ping Wang Y

Published in: Marine Geology 434 (2021) 106443

A Review of Holography in the Aquatic Sciences: In situ Characterization of Particles, Plankton, and Small Scale Biophysical Interactions

Author(s): Nayak AR, Malkiel E, McFarland MN, Twardowski MS, Sullivan JS

Published in: Front. Mar. Sci. 7:572147

Shape of particle backscattering in the North Pacific Ocean: the χ factor

Author(s): Zhang X, Hu L, Gray D, Xiong Y

Published in: 1260 Vol. 60, No. 5 / 10 February 2021 / Applied Optics

Influence Of Suspended Particle Size And Composition On Particle Image Pr ticle Image Processing, Estuarine Floc F ocessing, Estuarine Floc Fractal Pr actal Properties, And ties, And Resulting Estuarine Light Attenuation

Author(s): Fall K

Published in: Dissertations, Theses, and Masters Projects. Paper 1593091656.

Diel variability of bulk optical properties associated with the growth and division of small phytoplankton in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre

Author(s): Freitas FH, Dugenne M, Ribalet F, Hynes A, Barone B, Karl DM, White AE

Published in: 6702 Vol. 59, No. 22 / 1 August 2020 / Applied Optics

Particle size segregation of turbidity current deposits in vegetated canopies

Author(s): Soler M, Colomer J, Folkard A, Serra T

Published in: Science of the Total Environment 703 (2020) 134784

Seasonal and tidal variability of the hydrology and suspended particulate matter in the Van Uc estuary, Red River, Vietnam

Author(s): Piton V, Ouillon S, Vinh VD, Many G, Herrmann M, Marsaleix P

Published in: Journal of Marine Systems 211 (2020) 103403

Turbulence regulation of Microcystis surface scum formation and dispersion during a cyanobacteria bloom event

Author(s): Hozumi A, Ostrovsky I, Sukenik A, Gildor H (2020)

Published in: Inland Waters, 10:1, 51-70

Developments of Indicators to improve monitoring of MSFD descriptors 6 and 7. Final Report.

Author(s): Fettweis M, Toorman E, Verney R, Chapalain M, Legrand S, Lurton X, Montereale-Gavazzi G, Roche M, Shen X, Van den Eynde D, Van Lancker V

Published in: Brussels : Belgian Science Policy Office 2020 – 54 p. (BRAIN-be - (Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Networks))

In situ measurements of the volume scattering function with LISST-VSF and LISST-200X in extreme environments: evaluation of instrument calibration and validity

Author(s): Sandven H, Kristoffersen AS, Chen Y-C, Hamre B

Published in: Vol. 28, No. 25 / 7 December 2020 /Optics Express37373

Suspended sediment fluxes in a shallow macrotidal estuary

Author(s): Moskalski S, Floc'h F, Verney R

Published in: Marine Geology 419 (2020) 106050

Method for the determination of preferential orientation of marine particles from laser diffraction measurements


Published in: Optics Express Vol. 28, No. 9, 27 April 2020