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Technical Papers

The LEVECO project bio-optics experiment in the northwestern Levantine Sea: preliminary results

Author(s): Karageorgis AP, Drakopoulos PG, Chaikalis S, Lagaria A, Spyridakis N, Psarra S

Published in: Proc. SPIE 11174, Seventh International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of the Environment (RSCy2019), 111740W

Impact of Air–Sea Interface Effects and Bubble and Particulate Scattering on Underwater Light Field Distribution: An Implication to Underwater Wireless Optical Communication System

Author(s): Sahoo R, Shanmugam P, Sahu SK

Published in: Janyani V, Singh G, Tiwari M, d’Alessandro A (eds) Optical and Wireless Technologies. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 546. Springer, Singapore

Suspended Sediment Transport in Context of Dredge Placement Operations in Moreton Bay, Australia

Author(s): Beecroft R, Grinham A, Albert S, Perez L, Cossu R

Published in: Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering 145(2)

Flow class analyses of suspended sediment concentration and particle size in a mixed-land-use watershed

Author(s): Kellner E, Hubbart JA

Published in: Science of The Total Environment 648: 973-983

Optimal light conditions for Daphnia filtration

Author(s): Serra T, Müller MF, Barcelona A, Salvadó V, Pous N, Colomer J

Published in: Science of The Total Environment 686: 151-157

The Effect of Turbulence and Particle Size on Suspended Sediment Concentration Measurements in the Intertidal Zone

Author(s): Brand E, Montreuil A-L, Chen M

Published in: Proceedings ofthe 9th International Conference Coastal Sediments 2019: 2435-2442

Physical Properties Dynamics of Oil Sands Products and their Influence on Spill Response

Author(s): King TL

Published in: Ph.D. Thesis, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS. 247 pp.

Distribution of Suspended Sediment in the Gulf of Gdansk off the Vistula River mouth (Baltic Sea, Poland)

Author(s): Szymczak E, Burska D

Published in: IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 221: 012053

A Proposed New Laboratory Protocol for Dispersant Effectiveness Testing Adapted for Subsea Dispersant Injection

Author(s): Brandvik PJ, Daling PS, Dunnebier D, Makatounis PE, Leirvik F, Krause DF

Published in: Journal of Environmental Protection 10: 694-709

Assessing the effects of particle size and composition on light scattering through measurements of size-fractionated seawater samples

Author(s): Koestner D, Stramski D, Reynolds RA

Published in: Limnology and Oceanography

Variability of the Suspended Particle Cross-Sectional Area in the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea

Author(s): Tang Q, Wang S, Qiu Z, Sun D, Bilal M

Published in: Remote Sensing 11, 1187

Challenges of optical backscatter monitoring in mixed sediment environments

Author(s): Bundgaard K, Lumborg U, Nyborg L, Jakobsen BH

Published in: Terra et Aqua 154: 22-28

Quantifying Transport of Aquaculture Particulate Wastes

Author(s): Law B

Published in: Ph.D Thesis, Dalhousie University,Halifax, NS, Canada

Improving the performance of shipboard rotary drum filters in the removal of cyanobacterial blooms by cationic polyacrylamide flocculation

Author(s): Wang C, Cai Q, Feng B, Feng S, Tian C, Jiang X, Wu X, Xiao B

Published in: Separation and Purification Technology 215: 660-669

Investigating suspended particulate matter in coastal waters using the fractal theory

Author(s): Chapalain M, Verney R, Fettweis M, Jacquet M, Le Berre D, Le Hir P

Published in: Ocean Dynamics 69:59-81

Sediment Flux Variability on Tidal Flats: Results from Morecambe Bay, UK.

Author(s): Lichtman ID, Williams ME, Thorne PD, Amoudry LO, The Bluecoast Team

Published in: Proceedings ofthe 9th International Conference Coastal Sediments 2019: 1041-1048.

Measuring Settling Velocity in a Strongly Tidal Estuary

Author(s): Allen RM, Variano EA, Lacy JR

Published in: Coastal Sediments 2019: 2423-2434

Properties of coarse particles in suspended particulate matter of the North Yellow Sea during summer

Author(s): Zhang K, Wang Z, Li W, Yan J

Published in: Journal of Oceanology and Limnology 37(1): 79-92

Evaluation of the laser diffraction method for the measurement of suspended sediment concentration in Mogi-Guaçu reservoir (São Paulo, Brazil)

Author(s): Dos Santos BB, De Miranda RB, Estigoni MV, Villela JM, Mauad FF

Published in: International Journal of River Basin Management 17(1)

Geometry, fractal dimension and settling velocity of flocs during flooding conditions in the Rhône ROFI

Author(s): Many G, Durrieu de Madron X, Verney R, Bourrin F, Renosh PR, Jourdin F, Gangloff A

Published in: Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 219: 1-13