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Technical Papers

In-situ measurement of grain size characteristics within the aeolian saltation layer on a coastal beach

Author(s): Cohn N, Dickhudt P, Marshall J

Published in: Earth Surf. Process. Landforms. 2022;1–15.

Observations of fine sediment flocculation in the turbidity maximum of the Changjiang Estuary

Author(s): Wenwu Zhu, Jiufa Li, Weihua Li

Published in: Journal of Sea Research Volume 179, January 2022, 102150

Transport of Microplastics in Shore Substrates over Tidal Cycles: Roles of Polymer Characteristics and Environmental Factors

Author(s): Feng Q, Chen Z, Greer CW, An C, Wang Z

Published in: Environ. Sci. Technol. 2022, XXXX, XXX, XXX-XXX Publication Date:June 3, 2022

Prolonged heavy rainfall and land use drive catchment sediment source dynamics: Appraisal using multiple biotracers

Author(s): Hari Ram Upadhayay, Yusheng Zhang, Steven J. Granger, Mafalda Micalea, Adrian L.Collins

Published in: Water Research Volume 216, 1 June 2022, 118348

Advanced Suspended Sediment Sampling and Simulation of Sediment Pulses to Better Predict Fluvial Geomorphic Change in River Networks

Author(s): Ahammad M

Published in: Ph.D. Thesis, VA Tech

Seasonal particle responses to near-bed shear stress in a shallow, wave- and current-driven environment

Author(s): Grace Chang, Galen Egan, Joseph D. McNeil, Samuel McWilliams, Craig Jones, Frank Spada, Stephen Monismith, Oliver Fringer

Published in: Limnol. Oceang. Letters Volume7, Issue2 April 2022 Pages 175-183

High frequency un-mixing of soil samples using a submerged spectrophotometer in a laboratory setting—implications for sediment fingerprinting

Author(s): Niels F. Lake, Núria Martínez-Carreras, Peter J. Shaw & Adrian L. Collins

Published in: Journal of Soils and Sediments volume 22, pages 348–364 (2022)

Validation of measurements of pine pollen grain concentrations in Baltic Sea waters

Author(s): Magdalena M. Pawlik, Dariusz Ficek

Published in: Oceanologia Volume 64, Issue 2, April–June 2022, Pages 233-243

Inferring Suspended Sediment Carbon Content and Particle Size at High Frequency From the Optical Response of a Submerged Spectrometer

Author(s): Dhruv Sehgal, Núria Martínez-Carreras, Christophe Hissler, Victor F. Bense, A. J. F. (Ton) Hoitink

Published in: Water Resour. Res. Volume58, Issue5 May 2022 e2021WR030624

Quantifying the resuspension of nutrients and sediment by demersal trawling

Author(s): Sarah A. Breimann, Finbarr G.O'Neill , Keith Summerbell, Daniel J. Mayora

Published in: Continental Shelf Research Volume 233, 15 January 2022, 104628

Sedimentary Environment in a Seafloor Channel in the Western Gulf of Finland

Author(s): Kukkonen T

Published in: Master’s thesis Master’s Programme in geology and geophysics Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology Univ Helsinki

Suspended sediment transport and deposition in sediment-replenished artificial floods in Mediterranean rivers

Author(s): Teresa Serra, Marianna Soler, Aina Barcelona, Jordi Colomer

Published in: Journal of Hydrology Volume 609, June 2022, 127756

Effects of different conditions on particle dynamics and properties in West-Estonian coastal areas

Author(s): Mirjam Uusõue, Martin Ligi, Tiit Kutser, François Bourrin, Kristi Uudeberg, Kersti Kangro, Birgot Paavel

Published in: Oceanologia Available online 13 July 2022

Optical and biogeochemical properties of Belgian inland and coastal waters

Author(s): Alexandre Castagna, Luz Amadei Martínez, Margarita Bogorad, Ilse Daveloose, Renaat Dassevile, Heidi Dierssen, Matthew Beck, Jonas Mortelmans, Héloïse Lavigne, Ana Dogliotti, David Doxaran, Kevin Ruddick, Wim Vyverman, and Koen Sabbe

Published in: Earth System Science Data

settings Open AccessArticle Evaluation and Validation of Estimated Sediment Yield and Transport Model Developed with Model Tree Technique

Author(s): Woochul Kang, Kyungsu Lee, Eun-kyung Jang

Published in: Appl. Sci. 2022, 12(3), 1119

Characterization and classification of estuarine suspended particles based on their inorganic/organic matter composition

Author(s): Z. Safar*, C. Chassagne*, S. Rijnsburger, M. Ibanez Sanz, A.J. Manning, A.J. Souza, T. van Kessel, A. Horner-Devine, R. Flores, M. McKeon, J.D. Pietrzak

Published in: Front. Mar. Sci., 10 August 2022 Sec. Coastal Ocean Processes

Measurements of Aquatic Particle Volume Scattering Function up to 178.5° in the East China Sea

Author(s): Chaofan Wu, Bangyi Tao, Yilu Guo, Haiqing Huang, Zhihua Mao, Hong Song and Delu Pan

Published in: Appl. Sci. 2022, 12(4), 1894

Role of particle dynamics in processing of terrestrial nitrogen and phosphorus in the estuarine mixing zone

Author(s): Eero Asmala, Joonas J Virtasalo, Matias Scheinin, Sara Newton, Tom Jilbert

Published in: Limnol. Oceanog. Volume67, Issue1 January 2022 Pages 1-12

Particulate Matter Spatial, Temporal Distribution and Size Properties in the Aegean Sea

Author(s): A. P. Karageorgis, V. C. Metheniti, S. P. Chaikalis, W. D. Gardner, Th. Kanellopoulos, O. Mikkelsen, N. Kampanis, S. Sofianos, and Ch. Anagnostou

Published in: The Aegean Sea Environment: The Natural System, Christos L. Anagnostou, Andrey G. Kostianoy, Ilias D. Mariolakos, Panayotis Panayotidis, Marina Soilemezidou, and Grigoris Tsaltas (eds.)

Hyperspectral retrievals of suspended sediment using cluster-based machine learning regression in shallow waters

Author(s): Kwon S, Seo IW, Noh H, Kim B

Published in: Science of The Total Environment Available online 10 April 2022, 155168