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Technical Papers

Suspended sediment fluxes in a shallow macrotidal estuary

Author(s): Moskalski S, Floc'h F, Verney R

Published in: Marine Geology 419 (2020) 106050

Method for the determination of preferential orientation of marine particles from laser diffraction measurements


Published in: Optics Express Vol. 28, No. 9, 27 April 2020

The acoustic properties of in-situ measured suspended sediments and their implications on concurrent ADCP response – Case studies of the Portuguese inner shelf

Author(s): Santos AI, Oliveira A, Carinhas D, Pinto JP, Zacaria N, Freitas MC

Published in: Marine Geology 419 (2020) 106079

An approach for retrieval of horizontal and vertical distribution of total suspended matter concentration from GOCI data over Lake Hongze

Author(s): Lei S, Xu J, Li Y, Du C, Liu G, Zheng Z, Xu Y, Lyu H, Mu M, Miao S, Zeng S, Xu J, li L

Published in: Science of the Total Environment 700 (2020) 134524

Temporal and spatial distribution of Kd(490) and its response to precipitation and wind in lake Hongze based on MODIS data

Author(s): Lei S, Xu J, Li Y, Lyu H, Liu G, Zheng Z, Xu Y, Du C, Zeng S, Wang H, Dong X, Cai X, Li J

Published in: Ecological Indicators 108 (2020) 105684

Assessing the effects of particle size and composition on light scattering through measurements of size-fractionated seawater samples

Author(s): Koestner D, Stramski D, Reynolds RA

Published in: Limnol. Oceanogr. 65, 2020, 173–190

Variability of relationship between the volume scattering function at 180° and the backscattering coefficient for aquatic particles

Author(s): Hu L, Zhang X, Xiong Y, Gray DJ, He M-X

Published in: Applied Optics, Vol. 59, No. 10

An integrated optic and acoustic (IOA) approach for measuring suspended sediment concentration in highly turbid environments

Author(s): Lin J, He Q, Guo L, van Prooijen BC, Wang ZB

Published in: Marine Geology 421 (2020) 106062

Experimental Estimates of Optical Backscattering Associated With Submicron Particles in Clear Oceanic Waters

Author(s): Zhang X, Hu L, Xiong Y, Huot Y, Gray D

Published in: Geophysical Research Letters, 47, e2020GL087100

https://doi. org/10.1029/2020GL087100

Particle size segregation of turbidity current deposits in vegetated canopies

Author(s): Soler M, Colomer J, Folkard A, Serra T

Published in: Science of the Total Environment 703 (2020) 134784

Defining the Limits of Spectrally Based Bathymetric Mapping on a Large River

Author(s): Legleiter CJ, Fosness RL

Published in: Remote Sens. 2019, 11, 665

Measuring Settling Velocity in a Strongly Tidal Estuary

Author(s): Allen RM, Variano EA, Lacy JR

Published in: Coastal Sediments 2019: 2423-2434

Dynamics of dissolved and particulate organic matter in the Changjiang (Yangtze River) Estuary and the adjacent East China Sea shelf

Author(s): Zhao L, Gao L

Published in: Journal of Marine Systems 198: 103188

The effect of periodic stratification on floc size distribution and its tidal and vertical variability: Geum Estuary, South Korea

Author(s): Figueroa SM, Lee G-H, Shin H-J

Published in: Marine Geology 412: 187-198

Observations of Suspended Particle Size Distribution on an Energetic Ebb-Tidal Delta

Author(s): Pearson SG, van Prooijen BC, de Wit FP, Meijer-Holzhauer H, de Loof AP, Wang ZB

Published in: Proceedings ofthe 9th International Conference Coastal Sediments 2019: 1991-2003

Effects of small-scale turbulence at the air-water interface on microcystis surface scum formation

Author(s): Wu X, Noss C, Liu L, Lorke A

Published in: Water Research 167 (2019) 115091

Biogeochemical Impacts of a Black Carbon Wet Deposition Event in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Author(s): Mari X, Guinot B, Thuoc CV, Brune J, Lefebvre J-P, Sriram PRA, Raimbault P, Dittmar T, Niggemann J

Published in: Front. Mar. Sci. 6:185

Physical and hydrodynamic properties of deep sea mining-generated, abyssal sediment plumes in the Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone (eastern-central Pacific)

Author(s): Gillard B, Purkiani K, Chatzievangelou D, Vink A, Iversen MH, Thomsen L

Published in: Elementa Science of the Anthropocene 7:5

Integrating Structure from Motion, Numerical Modelling and Field Measurements to Understand Carbonate Sediment Transport in Coral Reef Canopies

Author(s): Pomeroy A, Storlazzi C, Rosenberger K, Hatcher G, Warrick J

Published in: Proceedings ofthe 9th International Conference Coastal Sediments 2019: 959-969.

Assessment of coastal turbidity improvement potential by terrigenous sediment load reduction and its implications on seagrass inhabitable area in Banate Bay, central Philippines

Author(s): Yamamoto T, Malingin MACL, Pepino MM, Yoshikai M, Campos W, Miyajima T, Watanabe A, Tanaka Y, Morimoto N, Ramos R, Pagkalinawan H, Nadaoka K

Published in: Science of The Total Environment Volume 656, 15 March 2019, Pages 1386-1400