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LISST-200X vs. LISST-100X

LISST-200XThe LISST-200X marks a major advance in technology of our workhorse LISST-100X submersible laser-diffraction instruments used to measure particle size and concentration in rivers, streams, ports, harbors, coasts and oceans.

The LISST-200X is significantly smaller than the LISST-100X but it has also been made stronger and is now able to make measurements at twice the depth: up to 600 meters. Improved optics cover the size range 1-500 microns in 36 size classes. The optics are also more robust and have improved rejection of ambient light. A superior depth sensor and a faster temperature sensor improve profiling data. The 25mm optical path allows a wider working range of particle concentrations.

Download the LISST-200X vs. LISST-100X Comparison table


LISST-200X LISST-100X Comparison

The LISST-200X has also been made smarter than the LISST-100X.  Auxiliary information, such as calibrations and background files, are stored in the saved data file. All information needed to process the data are included in this single file, therefore alleviating the need for tracking multiple files.  The LISST-200X also outputs the Mean Size and Total Concentration as analog voltages while simultaneously storing the full size distribution internally for later downloading. This allows real-time monitoring of summary data during profiles via existing CTD interfaces.


Why the LISST-200X is Smarter and not just Smaller


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