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Low-Cost Particle Size Analyzer

The LISST-Portable|XR is the world’s first and only battery powered, portable, low-cost particle size analyzer. It can be used in the field, in the laboratory or on the factory floor.

The LISST-Portable|XR analyzes the sample in a wet state to obtain the particle size distribution and the particle volume concentration. The LISST-Portable|XR uses the same laser light scattering method (laser diffraction) as popular laboratory particle size analyzers.

It has all the features and performance of a laboratory instrument but in a self-contained, portable, low-cost enclosure that allows you to make measurements where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

Typical applications: Oil & gas drilling, sediment studies, hydropower monitoring, various industrial applications.


  • Truly portable: Completely self-contained with built-in data logger, processor, rechargeable battery, ultrasonic probe and 7” touch panel color display
  • No PC needed: Touch panel color display allows for easy programming, sample analysis and data display
  • Rugged design: Sealed enclosure and shock mounted optics block
  • Simplicity: On-screen step-by-step instructions walks the operator through a measurement
  • Versatility: Multiple Mie models as well as Fraunhofer model available for inversion, selectable from the touch panel
  • All data-processing performed on board and stored in ASCII format. No post-processing
  • Outputs: Total volume concentration, mean size, standard deviation, optical transmission, D5, D10, D16, D25, D50 (median grain size), D60, D75, D84, D90, D95, D60/D10 (Hazen uniformity coefficient), particle surface area, silt fraction, silt volume, size distribution, battery voltage, sample notes, operator name and instrument configuration
  • Compatible with water and IPA based fluids
  • Laser-diffraction based


 Particle Size Range
  • 0.34-500 µm size range in 44 log-spaced size classes
Particle Concentration Range
  • Concentration range 30-1,900 mg/l. NOTE: Actual range is dependent on the grain-size and size distribution of the suspended particles. See table below for details and examples of concentration ranges based on measurements using ISO particle standards and easily obtained reference materials. SMD: Sauter Mean Diameter.

    SSC [mg/l] @ 98% optical transmission

    SSC [mg/l] @ 75% optical transmission 





    ISO Fine (ISO 12103-1,A2)







    ISO Coarse (ISO 12103-1,A4)







    Whitehouse 20-30 µm glass beads







    Sieved sand 75-125 µm







Mechanical and electrical
  • Instrument Dimensions: 7” tall x 11.5” deep x 17.5” wide (17.7 cm x 29cm x 44.3cm)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 31″ x 21″ x 11″
  • Weight: 15 lbs (7 kgs)
  • Shipping weight: 50 lbs (23 kgs)
  • Internal Data Storage: 1 GB, > 100,000 size distributions
  • Battery life: 8 hours nominal (depends upon sampling rate)
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion, two batteries, 76 Whr each (serial numbers 610 and below: 58Wh each).
  • External power supply/charger: 100-250V input, 15V output. CE marked.
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 40 C
  • Storage temperature: -20 to 50 C (no fluid in reservoir)
  • Communications: via USB, using supplied software.


LISST-Portable|XR Item # and Description

Item #DescriptionThumbnail
SEQ-FP-LPXRLISST-Portable|XR Portable Particle Size Analyzer
0.34 um - 500 um size range. Built-in ultrasonic probe. Includes 110 / 220 VAC power supply and charger, built-in mixing chamber, integrated ultrasonic probe for complete particle dispersion, 7" touch panel display for programming, analyzing and displaying data, rechargeable battery, and communication cable and shipping box. Includes Windows software for data offload and report preparation. Ships in a Pelican shipping container with custom foam cushioning (SEQ-AC-LPXR-SC).
Must be purchased together with new instrument.
No picture
One-time service of instrument within 36 months after delivery.
Includes one-way return shipping from Sequoia, all evaluation, diagnosis, testing and calibration.
Parts and labor for repairs not included.
Must be purchased together with new instrument.
NOTE: End-user responsible for return shipment DDP to Sequoia.
No picture

LISST-Portable|XR Replacement Part #'s and Descriptions

Item #DescriptionThumbnail
SEQ-AC-LPXR-CBLCharger, serial communication and charging cable for LISST- Portable|XR
With USB connector and built-in serial-USB adapter.
NOTE: Included with all new LISST-Portable|XR instruments.
SEQ-AC-LPXR-SCReplacement Ship Case for the LISST- Portable|XR
Includes foam insert for LISST-Portable|XR instrument and toolbox.
LISST-Portable|XR in ship case
SEQ-AC-LPXR-USTIPReplacement Ultrasonic Probe Tip for LISST- Portable|XR
Replacement ultrasonic probe tip for LISST-Portable|XR.
SEQ-AC-LPXR-LIDSReplacement Lids for LISST-Portable|XR
Clear lids and ultrasonic holder for LISST-Portable|XR including O-rings.
LISST-Portable|XR lid and ultrasonic holder
SEQ-AC-LPXR-ARFAccessory Refill Kit
Includes funnel w/4 oz Cap, Tubing 1/4" ID x 3/8" OD, Buna-N O-Rings, Glass vial with sample particles, KimWipes, Cleaning sticks.


Can you measure dry particles with the LISST-Portable|XR?

Yes and No. The LISST-Portable|XR is designed to measure particles suspended in a clear liquid. It is not designed to measure dry particles in air. However, if you can put a small amount of the particles in a compatible liquid, such as water or isopropyl alcohol, it is be possible to measure them with the LISST-Portable|XR.

Do you have to use water as the dilution fluid?

Water is the suggested liquid to be used when measuring particles. However, other fluids can be used. For example Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) is commonly used with the LISST-Portable|XR when making measurements of oil based drilling fluids (OBM) or cement. Other fluids might be possible but they need to be compatible with the plastics (acrylic) in the instrument and the optical properties must be known. If the optical properties are significantly different from water, special firmware modifications may be required.

Does the LISST-Portable|XR require annual calibrations or maintenance?

The LISST-Portable|XR does not require recalibration. It is calibrated at the factory and automatically compensates for changes over time. There is no annual maintenance is required.

Are there any spare parts recommended or required?

There are no required spare parts. Some customers have purchased a spare set of lids for the test chamber and replacement titanium ultrasonic probes. The lids could get lost and the titanium ultrasonic probe will eventually wear down and lose performance. However, these items can be purchased separately at any time.

What is required to switch from using water to using Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) as a dilution fluid?

The optical properties of water and IPA are very similar. There is no need to change any of the settings on the instrument when switching between water and IPA. However, you must rinse the chamber with the fluid you plan to use for measurements multiple times to make sure there is no traces of water or IPA remaining. A small amount of water in the IPA (or vice versa) will produce excess scattering that will affect the measurement. This effect will result in a warning when the background scattering is measured, which is part of a typical measurement protocol.

The LISST-Portable|XR uses lithium batteries. Does this cause problems for shipping by air freight?

The LISST-Portable|XR uses two lithium batteries that are sized to be below the limit considered hazardous as per the “Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines” published by the IATA. Some special labeling is required on the shipping box but it does not require special hazardous goods documentation. The shipping case for the LISST-Portable|XR has the required labels pre-installed.

Can I rent the LISST-Portable|XR?

Yes. Sequoia has a rental unit available. The minimum rental period is one (1) month and the first month’s rent must be prepaid in full before the instrument is delivered. Subsequent months are invoiced at net 30 days payment terms. User must pay for the return shipping to Sequoia, and insure the instrument for the full price for the duration of the rental period as well as the return shipping.

If you decide to purchase a new instrument within 90 days after the beginning of the rental period, you can apply 85% of what you already paid in rental fees towards the cost of the new instrument.

Call for a draft rental agreement.