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Oil-Spill Response Instrument

Integrated, self-contained instrumentation package

The LISST-Black is a self-contained, stand-alone instrument system for use on profiling packages, towed and remote vehicle applications, for deployment during and after an oil spill event. The system will continuously measure particle size distribution and concentration, along with the fluorescence of refined fuels, crude oil and chlorophyll, as well as beam attenuation.


  • Complete package based on Small Angle Forward Scattering Laser Diffraction Technology
  • Measures Particle Size and Concentration in 36 Size Classes
  • Integrated with Turner Designs Cyclops-7F fluorometers engineered to detect crude oil, refined fuels, and chlorophyll
  • Internal programmable datalogger
  • Small and Extended Battery Packs available for self-contained operation
  • USB connection to PC for programming, offloading and real-time size distribution displays
  • Programmable, autonomous data collection
  • Integrated Depth and Fast Response Temperature Sensors
  • Towable or integrated on profiling package or vehicle

Fluorometer Performance
The Turner Designs submersible instrumentation modules used in the LISST-Black includes single-channel fluorometers for detection of chlorophyll, crude oil and refined fuels. Together with particle information from the LISST, this package solution provides a comprehensive picture of potential contamination.


Parameters Measured

  • Particle Size Distribution from 1.0-500 μm in 36 size ranges
  • Depth (600 m max depth @ 0.01 m resolution)
  • Temperature @ 0.01°C resolution; Response time: 2.5 s.
  • Optical transmission @ 0.1% resolution
  • Volume Concentration @ 0.1μl/l resolution
  • Beam transmission from 0.3-0.99 (30-99%)
  • Refined Fuels
  • Crude Oil
  • Chlorophyll

Operating Concentration range

  • Optical transmission from 0.3-0.99 (30-99%)
  • Concentration from ~ 0.5-700 mg/l (particle-size dependent)
Fluorometer ranges
Fine 0.4 ppm 0-20 ppm
Crude 0.2 ppm 0-1,500 ppm
Chlorophyll 0.03 ug/l 0-500 ug/l

Technology (laser diffraction)

  • Small-angle forward scattering
  • 32-ring custom photodiode Ring Detector + 4 large angle detectors
  • 25 mm optical path

Mechanical and Electrical

  • Dimensions: 63.9 cm (25.2”) L x 10.03 cm (3.95”) Ø
  • Weight: 6 kg (13.2 lbs) in air; 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) in water
  • 600 m depth rating
  • External power input: 12VDC nominal, 8-24 VDC
  • Sampling rate: Up to 1 Hz
  • Current drain at 12 V: 100 mA sampling, 8 mA between samples.
  • Data storage: 1GB (~12,500,000 measurements)
  • Connectors: S/S Impulse MCBH(WB)-3-MP, MCBH(WB)-5-MP, MCBH(WB)-6-MP
  • Laser: 670 nm solid state diode laser
  • Chlorophyll – EX 465, EM 496
  • Refined Fuels – EX 290, EM 350
  • Crude Oil – EX 325 nm, EM 410-600 nm


How does the LISST-Black help in an oil spill situation?

First, one has to detect if and what kind of oil (crude? refined?) has been spilled. The fluorometer package on the LISST-Black will assist in that.

Second, it is important to optimise dispersant use in case dispersants have to be applied to the spill. The size information and volume concentration measurement from the LISST-Black will assist in that.

There are numerous papers in the literature giving examples of the above applications. A non-comprehensive list can be found in our library (Library/Technical Papers).

What is the LISST-Black exactly?

The LISST-Black is a LISST-200X integrated with three Turner Designs fluorometers, sensitive to hydrocarbons. The fluorometers are powered by the LISST-200X, which also controls their sampling. The fluorometer signals are then read by and integrated into the LISST-200X datastream for a unified dataset.