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Hyper-Spectral Backscatter Instrument

Sequoia presents the world’s first commercially available hyperspectral backscatter instrument – Hyper-bb.

The Hyper-bb is a submersible single-angle backscattering instrument with configurable spectral channels. The primary measurement delivered by the Hyper-bb is spectral backscattering over the wavelength range 430 nm to 700 nm. In addition to measuring spectral backscattering, the Hyper-bb also has high-performance depth and temperature sensors. Data collected with the Hyper-bb is saved onboard the instrument in non-volatile microSD memory which can be later downloaded via the Hyper-bb software.

Available for rental directly from Sequoia – one (1) month minimum rental period.


  • Spectral backscattering over the wavelength range 430 nm to 700 nm
  • High-performance depth and temperature sensors
  • Internal data storage
  • Powered from external battery pack (optional accessory), CTD, or 2-50 m power/communication USB cable
  • Wiper system to mitigate fouling during long-term deployments available from Zebra-Tech in New Zealand. Get a quote from Zebra-Tech.



  • Centroid angle ~135°
  • Sample volume ~ 2 mL
  • Beam diameter ~ 12 mm
  • Spectral coverage ~ 430 nm to 700 nm
  • Spectral bandwidth ~ 9 nm (blue) to ~ 17 nm (red)
  • Scan speed ~ 15 s for 430 nm to 700 nm with a 10 nm channel spacing, i.e. channels @ 430, 440, 450,…, 690, 700 nm
  • 220 measurements per channel

Mechanical and electrical

  • Depth rating 600 m
  • Power: 12 VDC nominal, 8-26 VDC
  • Communication: RS-232 communication, 9600 baud, 115k baud for data download
  • Internal datalogger with 1 GB microSD memory
  • Dimensions: 13.4 cm (5.25″) Ø x 51.9 cm (20.42″) L including handle
  • Weight: 6.0 kg (13.3 lbs) / 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) in air / water


Hyper-bb Item # and Description

Item #DescriptionThumbnail
SEQ-FP-HYPERBBHyper-bb Submersible multispectral backscatter instrument
Self-contained backscatter instrument with configurable spectral channels. Spectral backscattering over the wavelength range 430 nm to 700 nm. Includes high-performance depth and temperature sensors, 2 m power and communication cable and shipcase. Data saved onboard in non-volatile microSD memory. Externally powered.
External battery pack and calibration tank sold separately. See accessory list below.
Must be purchased together with new instrument.
No picture.
One-time service of instrument within 36 months after delivery.
Includes one-way return shipping from Sequoia, all evaluation, diagnosis, testing and calibration.
Parts and labor for repairs not included.
Must be purchased together with new instrument.
NOTE: End-user responsible for return shipment DDP to Sequoia.
No picture

Hyper-bb Accessories *NOT INCLUDED* with Hyper-bb

Item #DescriptionThumbnail
SEQ-AC-HYPERBB-TANKCalibration tank for Hyper-bb
Includes tank and stepper motor.
NOTE: Ships in a corrugated cardboard box.
Hyper-bb calibration tank

Hyper-bb calibration tank

SEQ-AC-HYPERBB-FTCHyper-bb Flow Through Chamber
SEQ-AC-L200X-LEBExternal Battery Housing for Hyper-bb
Anodized aluminum housing for external battery pack with underwater connectors for mating with Hyper-bb. Includes 16 non-rechargeable alkaline D cells installed. Enough for up to 12 hours of continuous sampling (temperature dependent). 600 m depth rating.
Note: Does NOT include cable SEQ-AC-L200X-BCS to connect to the Hyper-bb.
NOTE: Ships in a corrugated cardboard box.
SEQ-AC-L200X-BCSShort Cable for connecting External battery housing to Hyper-bb
0.5 m long, 5-pin Male to 5-pin Female
SEQ-AC-HYPERBB-FRMHyper-bb frame

Hyper-bb Accessories *INCLUDED* with Hyper-bb

Item #DescriptionThumbnail
SEQ-AC-HYPERBB-CBL022 Meter Integrated Communication and external power cable for Hyper-bb
With built-in serial-USB adapter to 5 pin female SubConn connector.
NOTE: One cable ships as standard with all new Hyper-bb instruments.

Hyper-bb custom length cables

NOTE: To order any cable, order qty 1 base item #, and qty xx cable item #, where xx is cable length in integer m.
E.g., to order a 45 m cable for a Hyper-bb, order:
NOTE: For ordering a standard 2 m cable, order SEQ-AC-HYPERBB-CBL02
Base Item #Topside ConnectionCable Design
SEQ-AC-HYPERBB-CBLBHyper-bb cable base for USB only cable: USB for Data, 15 V power brick for External Power.
*Must* order with qty xx SEQ-AC-LISST-CBLY where xx is cable length in m.
Cable Item #DescriptionThumbnail
SEQ-AC-LISST-CBLYYellow submersible cable. Reinforced.
Must order with



What is included in the base price for the Hyper-bb?

The instrument itself, a 1 m communication & setup cable, power supply, ship case, instrument stands, and a manual.

External battery pack, calibration tank, and cable(s) > 1 m for real-time data is NOT included.

Can I rent the Hyper-bb?

Yes. Sequoia has a rental unit available. The minimum rental period is one (1) month and the first month’s rent must be prepaid in full before the instrument is delivered. Subsequent months are invoiced at net 30 days payment terms. User must pay for the return shipping to Sequoia, and insure the instrument for the full price for the duration of the rental period as well as the return shipping.

If you decide to purchase a new instrument within 90 days after the beginning of the rental period, you can apply 85% of what you already paid in rental fees towards the cost of the new instrument.

Call for a draft Hyper-bb rental agreement.

How about fouling of the optical windows? Do you offer a wiper system?

Fouling is generally not an issue for profiling purposes. For long-term deployments on, e.g., a mooring Sequoia recommends a wiper system. Sequoia does not manufacture or sell a wiper system for the Hyper-bb.

However, Zebra-Tech in New Zealand offers a custom-made wiper system for the Hyper-bb. It exists in two versions, a 30 m and a 100 m depth rated version. This is a self-contained system with internal batteries, which clamps on to the Hyper-bb. It is not controlled by the Hyper-bb, the Zebra-Tech wiper system is programmed independently from the Hyper-bb. Sequoia has tested the Zebra-Tech wiper for months on a Hyper-bb and we recommend the Zebra-Tech wiper for use with the Hyper-bb.

Contact Zebra-Tech directly to buy the Hyper-bb wiper:

Can I buy the Hyper-bb wiper directly from Sequoia?

No. You must buy the Hyper-bb wiper directly from Zebra-Tech in New Zealand.

Contact Zebra-Tech directly to buy the Hyper-bb wiper: