Sequoia Scientific

LISST-200X Software

Latest Release – v1.21 2023/01/05

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Release Notes:

  1. LISST-200X firmware can be updated via the built in serial terminal
  2. Support for new LISST-Deep instruments
  3. Updated user’s manual




Older Versions

v1.20 2022/03/23

Release Notes:

  1. Supports configurable 6-pin auxillary IO connector (for compatible instruments)
  2. Allows measurement average to be adjusted in Live Data mode
  3. Notifies when updated instrument firmware is available


v1.15 2021/12/22

Release Notes:

  1. Power to external sensors enabled during real time data collection.
  2. Updated user’s manual.
  3. 230K file offload baud rate available for compatible instruments.
  4. Improved detection of errors in .RBN files.


v1.14 2021/08/19

Release Notes:

  1. Added configuration controls for onboard (real time) PSD inversions (for compatible units).
  2. Fixed bug where irregular inversion data records may overwrite data in spherical inversion files.


v1.13 2021/06/14

Release Notes:

  1. Corrects file conflict with antivirus software that caused intermittent program crash when processing data files.
  2. Allows the BioBlock to be included in battery endurance calculations, even when no instrument is connected.
  3. Minor improvements to functionality and text.


v1.12 2021/04/16

Release Notes:

  1. Multilanguage support included. English and Danish languages are currently supported (computer OS language must be set to Danish for translation to appear).
  2. Enforces the use of dot(.) decimal separator, per our file format specification.


v1.11 2020/12/18

Release Notes:

  1. Fixed transmission values so they are in % transmission
  2. Added battery calculator to Configure Instrument page
  3. When preforming an instrument search, the software will now wake sleeping instrument, under certain conditions
  4. Home window can now be brought in front of child windows
  5. Moved opening location of several popups to center of home window
  6. Minor changes to wording
  7. Clarified wrench ‘Tools’ button in status bar
  8. Added safe guards for file conflicts and formatting errors when reading processed .CSV files
  9. Output directory in process data window defaults to selected .RBN file directory
  10. Sorting of files on LISST by name, size, date
  11. Now indicates if PRM is installed while collecting background (or if installed on previous backgrounds)
  12. Added warning messages to start sampling confirmation when background pathlength does not match instrument configuration
  13. Added warning when the time to collect a burst of samples exceeds the burst interval
  14. Fixed hang-up when exiting terminal after ‘go’ or ‘zz’ command
  15. Added saving and loading of .lop files (configuration files)
  16. Improvements to the date time picker in the start/stop condition tabs


v1.0 2020/10/05

Initial release of redesigned software.