Sequoia Scientific


The latest version of firmware for your LISST-200X is:

v2.204 2022/07/07

To update your instrument to the latest firmware please follow the instructions below.

Update Procedure

Click here to download the update package. This contains the firmware update, along with the necessary software required to load it onto the LISST-200X. After unzipping the file, you will see the installer for ‘ExtraPuTTY’ (a terminal program) and a .bin file (the new LISST-200X Firmware).

Double click the installer for ExtraPuTTY and follow the onscreen instructions to install the program. Open the program after the installation is completed. The software starts with a configuration screen. The software must be configured to connect to the serial port of the LISST-200X. Ensure the LISST-200X Software is not open, as this will prevent ExtraPuTTY from connecting. Set up the connection as in the screenshot below:

If you do not know which port the LISST-200X is connected to, you may temporarily open the LISST-200X software to find the port. Close the LISST-200X software after you have identified the port number.

Once ExtraPuTTY is properly configured, press the ‘Open’ button to open the terminal window. Press the enter key once. You should see a ‘LISST-200X:>’ prompt appear.

Type in the ‘fwload’ command followed by enter. Type ‘SEQUOIA’ (all caps) to confirm. A menu will appear in the terminal window.

Press the ‘2’ key to select the option to load new firmware. You will see the message ‘Waiting for the file to be sent’, indicating the instrument is read to receive the new firmware file.

Go to the ‘File Transfer’ menu at the top of the screen. Select ‘Ymodem -> Send’. Navigate to the update package file you download earlier. Select the .bin file from the download package.

The file will transfer will begin immediately. This will take about 5 minutes. Do not interrupt power or communication to the LISST-200X during this process.

Once the upload is complete, the menu will be displayed in the terminal window a second time. Press the ‘1’ key to run the new firmware.

The update is complete.