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Technical Papers

Sediments in river columns – particle size distribution and concentrations measured with a LISST-SL2 isokinetic instrument

Author(s): Agrawal YC, Mikkelsen OA

Published in: E-proceedings of the 38th IAHR World Congress September 1-6, 2019, Panama City, Panama

Sensitivity analysis of sediment flux derived by laser diffraction and acoustic backscatter within a reservoir

Author(s): Haun S, Lizano L

Published in: International Journal of Sediment Research 33(1): 18-26

Towards an establishment of a rating curve for suspended sediment transport by means of ADCP measurements

Author(s): Rüther N, Aleixo R, Guerrero M, Sørås S, Stokseth S

Published in: E3S Web of Conferences 40, 04024

Representative point-integrated suspended sediment sampling in rivers

Author(s): Gitto AB, Venditti JG, Kostaschuk R, Church M

Published in: Water Resources Research 53(4)

A combined use of acoustic and optical devices to investigate suspended sediment in rivers

Author(s): Guerrero M, Rüther N, Haun S, Baranya S

Published in: Advances in Water Resources 102: 1-12

The Acoustic Properties of Suspended Sediment in Large Rivers

Author(s): Guerrero M, Ruther N, Szupiany R, Haun S, Baranya S, Latosinski F

Published in: Water 2016, 8(1), 13

The implications of laser-diffraction measurements of sediment size distributions in a river to the potential use of acoustic backscatter for sediment measurements

Author(s): Agrawal YC, Hanes DM

Published in: Water Resour. Res., 51, doi:10.1002/ 2015WR017268

Comparison of fluvial suspended-sediment concentrations and particle-size distributions measured with in-stream laser diffraction and in physical samples

Author(s): Czuba JA, Straub TD, Curran CA, Landers MN, Domanski MM

Published in: Water Resour. Res. 51(1):320-340

Comparison of real time suspended sediment transport measurements in river environment by LISST instruments in stationary and moving operation mode

Author(s): Haun S, Rüther N, Baranya S, Guerrero M

Published in: Measurement and Instrumentation 41: 10-17

A review of in situ measurement techniques for investigating suspended sediment dynamics in lakes

Author(s): Schillereff DN

Published in: Geomorphological Techniques (British Society for Geomorphology, London), Chapter 3, Section 7.1. 10 pp

Comparison under controlled conditions between multi-frequency ADCPs and LISST-SL for investigating suspended sand in rivers

Author(s): Guerrero M, Rüther N, Archetti R

Published in: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 37: 73-82

The investigation of sediment processes in rivers by means of the Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

Author(s): Guerrero M, Szupiany RN, Latosinski F, Ruther N

Published in: 9th International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering, pp 5-8

Measuring Suspended Sediment

Author(s): Gray JR, Landers MN

Published in: In: Ahuja S. (ed.) Comprehensive Water Quality and Purification, vol. 1, pp. 157-204

Three-dimensional measurements and numerical modelling of suspended sediments in a hydropower reservoir

Author(s): Haun S, Kjærås H, Løvfall S, Olsen NRB

Published in: Journal of Hydrology 479(4): 180-188


Author(s): Mikos M

Published in: Gradbeni vestnik • letnik 61, pp. 151-158

Surrogate technologies for monitoring suspended-sediment transport in rivers

Author(s): Anderson CW, Fisk GG, Gartner JW, Glysson GD, Gooding DJ, Gray JR, Hornewer NJ, Larsen MC, Macy JP, Rasmussen PP, Wright SA, Ziegler AC

Published in: Poleto C & Charlesworth S (Eds.): Sedimentology of Aqueous Systems. Wiley-Blackwell, London, pp. 3-45

Technological advances in suspended-sediment surrogate monitoring

Author(s): Gray JT, Gartner JW

Published in: Water Resources Research 45, W00D29

Updating the SMART dispersant monitoring protocol: Review of commercial-off-the-shelf instruments

Author(s): SL Ross Environmental Research

Published in: Final report for USCG R&D Center and US Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service. 23 pp

The isokinetic streamlined suspended sediment profiling LISST-SL – Status and Field Results

Author(s): Agrawal YC, Pottsmith HC

Published in: Proceedings of the 8th FISC Conference, Reno, NV, April 2006

The LISST-SL streamlined isokinetic suspended-sediment profiler

Author(s): Gray JR, Agrawal YC, Pottsmith HC

Published in: Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on River Sedimentation, vols. 1-4: 2549–2555