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Support for LISST-100 and LISST-ST to be discontinued 01/01/2011

May 25, 2010

LISST-100 and LISST-ST support to be discontinued from 1/1/2011.
[Sequoia, May 25, 2010]
Sequoia stopped building the LISST-100 and the LISST-ST in March 2004, more than 6 years ago. Those models were replaced by the LISST-100X and the LISST-STX.  Due to the number of new instrument developments since then, as well as the fact that electronics spare parts are no longer available for the LISST-100 and LISST-ST, Sequoia will discontinue most of the existing support for the LISST-100 and LISST-ST starting 01/01/2011.  We  do this so that we can better support the existing instrument models as well as new instrument developments.

Consequently, as of 1/1/2011 only the following support will be available for the LISST-100 and LISST-ST:
1) Batteries will be available for purchase
2) Users will still be able to get help with data analysis, data quality control etc. to the same extent that they have always had.

No other support, services or repairs of any kind will be offered for the LISST-100 and LISST-ST from 1/1/2011.

 If you are in doubt as to what kind of instrument you have, look up the InstrumentData.txt file. This file resides in the same folder as the lisst.exe file, typically C:Program FilesSequoiaLISST100  Open up the file in note pad and look for an X as the 5th value in that file. In the example below, sn 1219 is a LISST-100X, whereas sn 1134 is a LISST-100, as there is no ‘X’ in the InstrumentaData.txt file:

1219, c, 529000, 36000, X

1134, C, 529000, 27848

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