Sequoia Scientific


October 5, 2021

Renewable Energy asset manager CELSIA with operations in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica & Honduras has taken delivery of a Sequoia LISST-AOBS Super-Turbidity sensor for use in regional hydroelectric applications where sediment data is continuously monitored.

The LISST-AOBS combines acoustic and optical technologies into a single data output termed Super-Turbidity; this data output better characterizes the complete picture of both fine and coarse grain particles in the water column than optics or acoustics on their own. The CELSIA hydroelectric team employs the LISST-AOBS to provide data of suspended sediment concentration. Learn more about the LISST-AOBS technology and the output Super-Turbidity data here:

Sequoia Distributor Caracterización De Partículas Ostos & Ostos Limitada in Bogota, Colombia works closely with CELSIA and maintains a vast expertise in hydropower projects and monitoring sediments in streams, rivers, and ocean of the region.

LISST-AOBS Field Deployment