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Announcement: Sequoia Scientific and Sea & Land Technologies Deliver LISST-200X to Xayaburi Hydropower

February 4, 2020

Sequoia Scientific, Inc. and Sea & Land Technologies, Inc., announce delivery and training of a LISST particle size analyzer for Xayaburi Hydroelectric Power Project in Lao PDR.

Sequoia and Sea & Land announce delivery of Sequoia’s workhorse, the LISST-200X particle size analyzer to the Xayaburi Hydropower plant in Laos. The complete delivery comprised qty 01 LISST-200X, deployment frame, flow through chamber, real-time cable and on-site training for a dozen Xayaburi staff members in Laos. Sequoia’s President, Dr. Ole Mikkelsen and Sea & Land technician, Mr. Primo Navera conducted the on-site training. The LISST-200X will be used by the Xayaburi forecasting team to obtain a better estimate of the suspended sediment transport in the Mekong River upstream and downstream the Xayaburi hydropower plant.

Sequoia’s President, Dr. Ole Mikkelsen, says about the order: We are very happy that Xayaburi chose our LISST-200X for this purpose. The Xayaburi is located on the Lower Mekong River, and the LISST-200X is ideal for sediment monitoring in a river of this size. The LISSTs have a 15-20 year track record being used in China for this exact purpose, but this is the first LISST-200X delivery to Laos. I must compliment the Xayaburi staff. The forecasting team has a huge responsibility and everybody attending the training were impressively skillful.’ 

Sea & Land’s Floyd Ng, Technical Director, says about the project, ‘We at SALT have been associated with work on the Mekong River in the past and we are delighted that one of the largest Hydro Power companies in the region chose to use a Sequoia Scientific LISST-200X Sediment sensor for this project of such economic and environmental significance. Primo Navera, SALT’s Field Engineer, was at site to work with Ole and help complete the training and the commissioning of the instrument at the site. The project team from Xayaburi were very helpful and also immensely receptive to the training. 

Prat Nantasen, Manager of Civil Engineering for CK Power says ‘Since the LISST-200X training we have used it to recheck data with the outsource sediment monitoring company. The equipment works well and we are happy with it.

For more information about the LISST-200X, see Sequoia’s website: 

Primo Navera (SALT) and Ole Mikkelsen (Sequoia) on the far left, with the Xayaburi staff and their LISST-200X before a test deployment in the Mekong River.