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[Sequoia, October 7, 2011]
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Sequoia Scientific, Inc. began operations in February 1995. The company’s main business is to manufacture instrumentation and software for scientific research and environmental monitoring, and carry out academic research.

The company’s technological expertise is in electro-optics. The company’s first product was the LISST-100 laser particle size distribution analyzer. Soon thereafter, derivative LISST products were added: LISST-ST for settling velocity distribution observations, the LISST-25 suspended sediment concentration sensor, the LISST-Portable instrument for use everywhere. The highly successful scientific software product HYDROLIGHT was transitioned from research to a commercial product in 1998. The LISST-SL isokinetic sediment sensor for river profiling became available in 2008. Also available in 2008 was the LISST-StreamSide, for long-term monitoring of small streams, rivers and storm water. The LISST-HOLO, a submersible digital holographic camera started shipping in 2010. The LISST-HYDRO and LISST-Infinite instruments, for monitoring of grain size and sediment concentration in hydropower applications, were introduced in 2010 as well.

Sequoia maintains a network of distributors throughout the world and has currently (October 2011) representation in more than 40 countries.