Sequoia Scientific

Use of LISST-Tau in California Dredge Monitoring

December 2, 2021

Hopper Dredge excavating material

Sequoia delivers LISST-Tau for harbor dredge monitoring! A California based U.S. customer took delivery of Sequoia’s latest product, the LISST-Tau transmissometer this Fall 2021.  The customer reports that the instrument has already been critical for their work in pin-pointing turbidity exceedances from dredging activities in commercial harbors, and that the stability of the optical transmission measurements was reassuring and indicative of the instrument quality.

The LISST-Tau is a compact, 2,000-m rated high-precision transmissometer, available with a green or red light source and uses a 15-cm pathlength for high-precision measurements across a wide range of water types. Interested in how this instrument can work for you? Follow link to learn more about the LISST-Tau product specifications

***View LISST-Tau video animation here***