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LISST-200X Sale in China

March 16, 2021

Aerial view of Dianchi Lake and ropeway chairlift traveling over Western Hills, in Kunming, China

The Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IHB) has acquired a LISST-200X with integrated Cyclops-7F sensors from Turner Designs; tuned for measuring Chlorophyll, CDOM & Turbidity, in conjunction with Particle Size Data output from the LISST-200X. The Cyclops-7F sensors plug directly into the three analog inputs of the LISST-200X to create a standalone package, designed for profiling, towing or remote platform installations.

Deployments of the package by the IHB will be in Dian-Chi Lake (a plateau fresh-water lake of Yunnan Province, Kunming City), and used for ecological restoration evaluation purposes. IHB has a permanent field observing facility on the Dian-Chi lake to continuously monitor water quality improvements and control the effects of harmful algal blooms (HABs). The LISST system will be the primary equipment used for on-line algal bloom concentration monitoring.

China ORES Ltd., Sequoia’s exclusive Chinese distributor, has supported sales efforts within the local scientific community for years, and worked closely with IHB to make this delivery.

Learn more about Sequoia’s workhorse LISST-200X instrument which obtains in-situ measurements of particle size distribution, suspended sediment concentration and optical transmission at depths down to 600 meters. 3rd party analog sensors, e.g., fluorometers integrates easily into the LISST-200X. The LISST-200X itself is commonly integrated into CTD’s and other marine payloads. Find details about the LISST-200X at: and the LISST-HAB at: