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Particle Size Analyzer for Streams and Rivers - DISCONTINUED

This product has been discontinued. All support for the LISST-StreamSide has ended as of 3rd April 2023.

The LISST-StreamSide was developed specifically for monitoring applications, for example sediment monitoring in shallow streams and rivers or for storm runoff. 

It can also be used as an in-line instrument system, for example in a flow-through system on a research vessel. The first units shipped in May 2008.


  • Laboratory grade laser particle size analyzer compliant with ISO-13320-1 – same laser diffraction technology as in our other LISST lasers
  • 5 mm optical path length for high concentrations (read this article to compute how high concentrations the LISST-StreamSide can handle)
  • Records detailed size distribution AND concentration in 32 size classes
  • Built-in clean water delivery system for automatic clean water background collection
  • 5-inch graphics touch panel display for configuration and size distribution display
  • Built-in compact flash memory (128Mb standard, expandable to 4Gb)
  • Size and volume distribution is computed on board and saved as ASCII file compatible with Excel
  • Nominal 12VDC power (110VAC or 220VAC optional)
  • Sealed NEMA-4X housing with clear cover and lock
  • Specially designed 12V sealed pump is available and recommended for use with the LISST-StreamSide


Sediment concentration ranges
  • Concentration range 10-8,000 mg/l. NOTE: Actual range is dependent on the grain-size and size distribution of the suspended particles. See table below for details and examples of concentration ranges based on measurements using ISO particle standards and easily obtained reference materials. SMD: Sauter Mean Diameter.
  • Resolution < 1 mg/l

    SSC [mg/l] @ 98% optical transmission

    SSC [mg/l] @ 30% optical transmission 





    ISO Fine
    (ISO 12103-1,A2)







    ISO Coarse
    (ISO 12103-1,A4)







    Whitehouse 20-30 µm glass beads







    Sieved sand 75-125 µm








Sediment size distribution
  • 32 log-spaced size classes
  • 1.9 to 387 µm size range for natural (random-shaped) particles
Sample acquisition time
  • 1 second for 30 measurement average.
  • Typical maximum sample rate is 1 size distribution every 5 minutes.
  • Number of measurements per average and sample rate is programmable
Mechanical and electrical
  • Dimensions: 30x25x18 cm (HxWxD)
  • Power: 6-15VDC @ 500ma max during sampling (not including pump)
  • Communications: RS-232 @ 9600 baud


LISST-Pump for LISST-StreamSide and LISST-Infinite