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Product Description Page – Hyper-bb

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SEQ-FP-HYPER-bb Hyper-bb Submersible multispectral backscatter instrument
Self-contained backscatter instrument with configurable spectral channels. Spectral backscattering over the wavelength range 430 nm to 700 nm. Includes high-performance depth and temperature sensors. Data saved onboard in non-volatile microSD memory. Externally powered.
External battery pack and calibration tank sold separately. See accessory list below.
Hyper-bb optics close-up
Accessories *NOT* included as part of a standard Hyper-bb shipment
SEQ-AC-HYPERBB-TANK Calibration tank for Hyper-bb
Includes tank and stepper motor.
NOTE: Ships in a corrugated cardboard box.
Hyper-bb calibration tank
SEQ-AC-L200X-LEB External Battery Housing for Hyper-bb
Anodized aluminum housing for external battery pack with underwater connectors for mating with Hyper-bb. Includes 16 non-rechargeable alkaline D cells installed. Enough for up to 12 hours of continuous sampling (temperature dependent). 600 m depth rating.
Note: Does NOT include cable SEQ-AC-L200X-BCS to connect to the Hyper-bb.
NOTE: Ships in a corrugated cardboard box.
External Battery Housing for Hyper-bb
SEQ-AC-L200X-BCS Short Cable for connecting External battery housing to Hyper-bb
0.5 m long, 5-pin Male to 5-pin Female
Accessories *INCLUDED* as part of a standard Hyper-bb shipment
SEQ-AC-HYPERBB-CBL02 2 Meter Integrated Communication and external power cable for Hyper-bb
With built-in serial-USB adapter to 5 pin female SubConn connector.
NOTE: One cable ships as standard with all new Hyper-bb instruments.