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PiE 2014 Presentations

Below is a sample of the presentations to be given at the PiE 2014 conference.  Abstracts are still being reviewed and will be organized into sessions.  The listing below will be updated as new presentations are added.


Acoustic inversion using two multifrequency profilers: the Aquascat 1000S and the TAPS

Guillaume Fromant


Arctic fine-grained particle flocculation, the case of Disko Fjord, West Greenland

Thor Markussen


Challenges in the acoustic measurements of dredging plumes

Marc Sas


Combining technology to extend the limits of particle measurements in subsea blowouts

Emlyn Davies


In situ Observations of Turbid Plumes at an Offshore Wind Farm

Matthias Baeye


Long-term modelling of flocculation: effects of physical and biological processes

Pei-Hung Chen


Monitoring of sediment dynamics during disposal of dredged harbour sediment in Port of Esbjerg, Denmark

Ulrik Lumborg


MSS-HOLO: a free-fall particle microstructure profiler

Alex Nimmo Smith


Particles characteristics in front of the Rhône River during flooding conditions

Gael Many


PCam: Community camera system for the in-situ measurement of suspended matter size

Christian Winter


Quantification of suspended sediment concentrations and particle size distribution in different water bodies by means of laser diffraction and acoustic backscatter

Stefan Haun


Schlieren effects in beam transmissometers and LISST-Deep observed in the stratified Danube River delta, NW Black Sea

Aris Karageorgis


Site-specific Conversion of Laser Diffractometer (LISST) Data to Suspended Sediment Mass Concentration (SSC)

David Felix


Suspended sediment dynamics in Vistula River mouth (southern Baltic Sea, Poland)

Ewa Szymczak


Turbulence control of floc size in suspended particulate matter (SPM) in the river estuary transition zone (RETZ)

Suzie Jackson


Variability in concentration, size and settling velocity of muddy marine flocs from the southern North Sea

Michael Fettweis