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Particles in Europe (PiE) 2008

The first PiE conference was held at ISMAR-CNR in Bologna, Italy, 13-14 October 2008 and had roughly 40 attendees from Europe, USA and Canada.

The organizers were Dr. Ole Aarup Mikkelsen and Dr. Yogi Agrawal from Sequoia Scientific, together with Dr. Leonardo Langone and Dr. Stefano Miserocchi from ISMAR-CNR.

There were two invited speakers: Professor Xavier Casamitjana from University of Girona (Spain) and Dr. Andrew Manning from University of Plymouth (UK).

PiE 2008 program

13 October 2008

9:00-9:30 Registration
9:30-10:10 OA   Mikkelsen: Welcome, purpose of workshop
YC Agrawal: Introduction to LISST technology
10:10-10:45 X Casamitjana: Particle concentration in Lakes and   Coastal zones: Case Studies.
10:45-11:10 F.   Gentile, T. Bisantino, R. Corbino, F. Milillo, G. Romano, G. Trisorio Liuzzi:   Use Of  An Infrared Light Sensor For Suspended Solids Monitoring In   Rivers.
11:10-11:40 Coffee
11:40-12:05 M   Guerrero: Field Measurements Of Suspended Sediment Transport With Acoustic   Multi Frequencies Technique.
12:05-12:30 PD   Thorne, R Meral: An assessment of the acoustic scattering properties of   suspended sandy sediments and the implications for measuring suspension   particle size and concentration.
12:30-12:55 BD   Moate, PD Thorne: Measurements Of The Acoustic Backscattering Characteristics   Of Sediment Suspensions Having Broad Particle Size Distributions.
12:55-13:20 D   Doxaran, M Babin, K Ruddick, Y Park, M Fettweis: Tidal Variations Of Particle   Size Distribution And Optical Properties In Turbid Coastal Waters.   Perspectives For Ocean Colour Remote Sensing.
13:20-13:30 Discussion
13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-14:55 KM   Braithwaite, DG Bowers.: A Comparison Of Predicted And Measured Scattering Of   Light By Marine Particles.
14:55-15:20 TS   Kostadinov, DA Siegel, S Maritorena: Determination Of The Particle Size   Distribution Using Satellite Ocean Color Imagery: Applications And Assessment   Of Uncertainty.
15:20-15:45 BD   Moate: Measuring the Mass Specific Absorption Spectra of Organic Detritus.
15:45-16:05 Coffee
16:05-17:00 OA   Mikkelsen: Technical presentation: Demo of new LISST-SOP software.   LISST-100X, LISST-Portable, LISST-StreamSide and LISST-SL will be on display   for hands-on experiences
20:00 Dinner


14 October 2008

9:00-9:35 AJ Manning: An Overview Of Video Measurements Of   Estuarine Mud Flocculation.
9:35-10:00 GW   Graham, WAM Nimmo Smith: The Application Of Holography To The Analysis Of   Size And Settling Velocity Of Suspended Cohesive Sediments.
10:00-10:25 TG   Milligan, PS Hill, BA Law, E Boss: In The Eye Of The Beholder: Size   Distributions As Seen By LISST And DFC
10:25-10:50 S   Jacquet, O Radakovitch: Particles Size Characteristics Of The Rhône River And   Plume Suspended Matter.
10:50-11:20 Coffee
11:20-11:45 AJ   Souza, W Thurston: Observations Of The Effects Of Turbulence On Particle Size   Distributions In An Estuarine top Boundary Layer.
11:45-12:10 F   Mietta, JC Winterwerp: Settling column flocculation experiments
12:10-12:35 M   Fettweis: Uncertainty Of Excess Density And Settling Velocity Of Mud Flocs   Derived From In Situ Measurements.
12:35-13:00 R   Verney, P Le Hir, P Bassoullet: Modelling Flocculation In Sediment Transport   Models: Needs For In-Situ Particle Size And Settling Velocity Measurements
13:00-13:30  Discussion,   wrap-up
13:30-14:30  Lunch   and departure
14:30-17:00  Sequoia   available for questions, more hands-on with display instruments


Download full program with abstracts for PiE 2008 (~10 MB).