Sequoia Scientific

Hyper-bb Deploys in Canadian Estuary

Scientist Julien Laliberté with Fisheries and Oceans Canada has recently collected data using the Hyper-bb, a hyper-spectral backscatter instrument designed by Sequoia Scientific, Inc.  Dr. Laliberté states, “My objective is to use ocean color remote sensing to characterize the St. Lawrence Estuary and Gulf. With the support of Canada’s Ocean Protection Plan, our Hyper-bb was deployed in the coastal waters of Eastern Canada for the first time this week. The data were successfully collected in shallow waters in profiling mode, where I could look at the data in real time as the instrument was lowered in the water column.”  Continued work and deployments are planned throughout the season with published data expected at a future date.

Learn more about the Hyper-bb and the LISST product offering here. Sequoia is supported across Canada by Hoskin Scientific Ltd.