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Biography – Wayne H. Slade


slade_0aea574Wayne H. Slade, VP, Science & Technology

My research focuses on characterization of oceanic particles and their dynamics using optical methods, especially using multi-spectral, multi-angle, and polarized measurements of inherent optical properties. As a research scientist at Sequoia Scientific, one of my primary aims is the development of instrumentation and methods for measuring particle optical properties and the deployment of these technologies in observing systems, ship-based flowthrough systems, and on autonomous and other challenging platforms. I received a Ph.D. in Oceanography in 2011 focused on ocean particle optics. I am experienced in deploying optical sensors in coastal and open ocean environments, in design and execution of laboratory studies using these same sensors, in the analysis of data from field and laboratory experiments, and in computer modeling of the optical properties of particles. I have additional research experience in signal and image processing and intelligent algorithm design.

Current Research Interests

Improving understanding of the links between optical properties and particle size

Measurement of the volume scattering function and polarization properties of natural waters and links to particle properties

Developing algorithms and validation methods for remote sensing algorithms for estimating biogeochemical quantities such as particulate organic carbon and particle size distribution

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