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Transmissometers Shipping!

November 18, 2021

Marine Transmissometers Preparing to Ship!  With only limited days remaining in 2021, the Sequoia staff is diligently working to fulfill orders spanning across the LISST product portfolio, including these LISST-Tau units being finalized for shipment and inventory at our Bellevue, Washington facility.

Of extra special interest this year is the LISST-Tau, a high-precision marine transmissometer which measures light transmission in water.  Deployment platforms range from small vessels using in eelgrass and sensitive marine habitat zones, to mounted on underwater vehicles, profiling packages, CTDs, and other systems. With high-quality optics and a carefully selected LED source, it transmits a collimated beam through the water, and precisely measures the beam attenuation.  Light modulation with synchronous detection rejects ambient light, while oversampling and averaging yield better than 16-bit resolution. LISST-Tau applies calibration coefficients, corrects for temperature effects, and transmits data from both digital and analog outputs. Included software provides real-time display of data, and functions for checking and updating pure-water calibrations. Sequoia’s technical sales staff is ready to communicate with you, please reach out by phone or email, plus visit the links below for more details:

Click the product page for the LISST-Tau here

Learn more by viewing the LISST-Tau video here

LISST-Tau Units