Sequoia Scientific

Sequoia’s 25th Anniversary – Send Us Your Sequoia Pictures!

January 30, 2020

2020 is Sequoia’s 25th birthday!

— Yes, we started all the way back in 1995! Over the years, we have interacted with thousands of users and customers all over the world. Thank you for your business and your use of the LISSTs! 

If you have ever met us at a show, then you know that we are very fond of giving out Sequoia trees. For our 25th, we’d like to collect a few stories from you. If you have a sequoia tree from Sequoia in your home or garden, we’d love to hear about how its growing and thriving! Email us a picture and an update on your tree, and share it on social media with the hashtags #mytree and #sequoiasci25. When you do, we’ll add you to a drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift Card to share our appreciation. We will draw our winner at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego, so share your sequoia tree update by February 21st! If you’re attending, visit our booth – we’d love to gift you a sequoia seedling!

Over the years, Sequoia Scientific has facilitated the planting of several thousand seedlings worldwide.

Dr. Yogi Agrawal (Sequoia’s founder) and Dr. Ole Mikkelsen planting a sequoia tree near Mt. Rainier in 2001 – how big do you think this tree has grown in almost two decades? In their first year, sequoias tend to grow four feet, and have a potential to grow faster every year ( Sequoias can be found in most climates indicating that the species is remarkably adaptable, but are limited by availability of water ( Reaching maturity, giant sequoias can grow to be about 30 feet (9 meters) in diameter and more than 250 feet (76 m) tall ( And, they can live to 3,000 years, with the oldest sequoia on record living more than 3,500 years ( Can you imagine living that long? This tree planted in this picture is probably around 20m (60ft) today (