Sequoia Scientific

INTRODUCING LISST-TAU: High-precision transmissometer for underwater vehicles and systems

March 10, 2021

Sequoia announces the LISST-Tau – a new, compact, 2,000-m rated high-precision transmissometer for underwater vehicles, profiling packages, CTDs, remotely operated towed vehicles and other underwater systems. The LISST-Tau is available with a green or red light source and uses a 15-cm pathlength for high-precision measurements across a wide range of water types. More information and data sheet for the LISST-Tau is available here:

Dr. Ole Mikkelsen, Sequoia’s President, says about the new development ‘We are delighted that we are able to bring a high precision transmissometer to market. Our particle-sizing LISSTs, on the market since 1995, have always been able to measure transmission but the LISST-Tau is our first dedicated transmissometer. It has been field-tested and performs very well in challenging waters and at depth.’

The LISST-Tau is available through Sequoia and Sequoia’s worldwide distributor network ( for all commercial and scientific applications. The LISST-Tau is available for immediate ordering with a six-week lead time. Sequoia expects the LISST-Tau to be available from stock by Q4 2021.