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Sequoia presentations at the 38th IAHR World Congress in Panama

September 1, 2019

Sequoia is exhibiting at the 38th IAHR World Congress in Panama 1-6th September 2019. Sequoia’s Dr. Yogi Agrawal and Dr. Ole Mikkelsen will man Sequoia’s booth (#23) and also present two talks; one about the LISST-ABS and the LISST-AOBS, and another about the LISST-SL2:

Dr. Agrawal will present MONDAY 2nd September @ 14:15-14:30 in the Amsterdam Room. The title of his talk is: Single-Point Acoustic Backscatter and Acousto-Optic Backscatter Sensors Mark Two Major Advances in Low-Cost Suspended Sediment Concentration Monitoring.

Dr. Mikkelsen will present TUESDAY 3rd September 16:00-16:15 in the Panama 1 room. The title of his talk is: Sediments in River Columns – Particle Size Distribution and Concentrations Measured with a LISST-SL2 Isokinetic Instrument.

If you are attending the congress in Panama City, stop by the booth and talk to Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Mikkelsen about how Sequoia’s LISSTs can help you in your sediment studies!

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