Sequoia Scientific

Sequoia is one of Washington’s Best Places to Work!

June 15, 2020

Every year, Puget Sound Business Journal puts together a list of the best companies to work for in Washington State.

Companies are judged based on the results of an employee survey administered by Quantum Market Research. The survey evaluates:

  • Team effectiveness
  • Retention
  • Employee alignment with company goals
  • Trust with co-workers
  • Individual contribution
  • Manager effectiveness
  • Trust in senior leaders
  • Feeling valued
  • Work engagement
  • People practices
  • Communication and Resources
  • Individual Needs
  • Manager Effectiveness
  • Personal Engagement
  • Team Dynamics
  • Trust in Leadershp

Sequoia Scientific, Inc. is very proud that we are a finalist after being nominated for the first time this year! Since 1995, Sequoia Scientific  has been the global leader in technologies for submersible and field measurements of particles and particle size distributions. Our instruments, called LISSTs, were initially developed for studying suspended sediment dynamics and marine optics in the marine environment. More than a dozen variants derived from the original LISST-100, manufactured and sold by Sequoia, are on the market today. Thousands of instruments have been sold worldwide. Apart from the original scientific applications, LISSTs are today also used in a range of industrial and environmental applications such as aquaculture food pellet production, oil spill response, stormwater monitoring and response, hydropower turbine monitoring, wastewater, mining, dredging and oil drilling operations, general environmental monitoring, and for industrial process control applications. All engineering, innovation, and production occurs at our Bellevue-based office. Sequoia’s driving force: an emphasis on innovation based on solid scientific principles. We foster a work environment where our scientists and engineers are able to focus on problems that interest them, feed their curiosity, and ultimately leave work feeling fulfilled. We look forward to finding out the final rankings when they are revealed at the Washington’s Best Workplaces virtual event on August 27 and published in the August 28 print edition of the Puget Sound Business Journal.