Sequoia Scientific

Sequoia and OFITE Deliver LISST-Portable|XR’s to Major O&G Drilling Company

December 16, 2021

LISST-Portable|XR Instruments

Sequoia Scientific, Inc. has completed delivery of five LISST-Portable|XR instruments for use by a major oil & gas drilling company based in and operating from Abu Dhabi, UAE.  The technology is commonly used to accurately monitor size changes to particles found in drilling fluids.  The LISST-Portable|XR allows analysis of particle size distribution and concentration data during the active drilling process, completed at the rig and often under rugged environmental conditions.  Dependable real-time data is critical and allows operators to see anomalies in the distribution curve which may indicate a failure or alert them to take-action if a threshold is crossed.

Using industry proven laser diffraction secured inside an impact resistant enclosure, the LISST-Portable|XR allows operators to obtain lab quality data in the field, learn more here.

OFI Testing & Equipment with offices in Houston, Texas and Dubai, UAE supports the global drilling market with measurement tools, including the Sequoia LISST-Portable|XR.