Sequoia Scientific

Ocean Business 2021 – Sequoia’s first international show in 18 months!

October 1, 2021

On Saturday 9th October, Sequoia’s Sales & Marketing Manager Jim Decker will board a plane from Seattle to the UK to set up Sequoia’s booth for Ocean Business 2021. Monday afternoon 11th October he will host a workshop in Southampton for our international distributors. Then, Tuesday morning 12th October he will be ready at Ocean Business in booth # F14 to show off our LISST-200X, LISST-Holo2, LISST-Glider, and the LISST-Tau – Sequoia’s first dedicated transmissometer.

Jim is excited to get on the road and meet people again – the rest of us can’t wait to see his pictures and hear who he talked to and about what‼ Until we have fresh pictures from Jim, here is a picture of Jim (left), together with Rasmus Bonde from MacArtney at Ocean Business 2019.

Sequoia’s Jim Decker (left) and MacArtney’s Rasmus Bonde at Ocean Business 2019.