Sequoia Scientific

LISST-Holo2 Software

December 22, 2014

New versions of Holo Batch and Holo Detail are available for download from Sequoia’s website. These are the core programs used for interpreting holographic data collected with the LISST-Holo. Highlights of the new release include faster processing time, new data visualization, and a version for Mac OS X!  Visit the LISST-Holo page and navigate to Software & Downloads to get your copy. More information on what’s new in the software can be found here: ‘What’s New in Holo Batch?’

New features have also been added to the Holo Detail application. Holo Detail, which is used for detailed analysis of individual holograms, now contains a tool for quick and easy measurement of particles.



Also, be sure to watch our video tutorial on how to use Holo Batch. This video covers installation and basic use of the Holo Batch software.