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New Product Announcement – LISST-ABS

April 9, 2015

Sequoia Scientific is pleased to announce a new product that does not use a laser or optics.

The LISST-ABS is an acoustic backscatter sensor that has been designed from the ground up as a replacement and improvement to optical turbidity sensors for measuring suspended sediment concentration.    It has 4 key advantages over optical turbidity sensors:

  •  The 8MHz acoustic sensor ‘sees’ all size grains, and especially, it sees coarse grains very well, unlike optical backscatter sensors (OBS).
  • The LISST-ABS response to sediment grain size is much flatter than optical turbidity sensors, i.e. LISST-ABS calibration is more stable than OBS.
  • The LISST-ABS has a nearly 5-decade working range in concentration!  From 1 mg/l to 70,000 mg/l!
  • The LISST-ABS is far less susceptible to fouling than optical turbidity sensors.

The LISST-ABS provides analog voltage, SDI-12, and RS-232 outputs all on one connector, making it easy to integrate into existing sensor platforms.

The LISST-ABS is small, light weight and easy to deploy

The LISST-ABS is small, light weight and easy to deploy

With the much improved grain-size tolerance, the wide working range of concentration, and the tolerance to fouling, the LISST-ABS is just a superior new technology instrument for the sedimentologist’s toolbox.

The LISST-ABS is available for pre-order with delivery in mid-summer (~July).

Contact Sequoia or our International Distributors for your country for detailed price information.

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Click here to see the full product details on the LISST-ABS webpage.

To see the PDF brochure click here.  To see an application note on the LISST-ABS click here.