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New Accessories for LISST-200X

March 22, 2017

Sequoia is pleased to announce that two new accessories are now available for the LISST-200X.  The Path Reduction Module and the Full Path Flow Through Chamber.

The Path Reduction Module is used to reduce the optical path by a factor of 5 which allows the maximum concentration for a given size to increase by a factor of 5.

The Full Path Flow Through Chamber seals on the optics end of the LISST-200X allowing water to be pumped past the optics so that size distribution measurements can be made.

Path Reduction Module

The Path Reduction Module, or PRM, uses a custom-made quartz cylinder to replace a portion of the optical path.  The quartz cylinder fits against the smaller transmit window reducing the turbid water path from 25mm to 5mm.  By reducing the optical path to 5mm the maximum concentration measured by the LISST-200X increases by a factor of 5.  The PRM is easy to install and can be done in the field.   It has been designed to minimize the disturbance to the flow as much as possible.  Because the PRM adds additional optical surfaces it is important to do a clean water background after installing the PRM.  Since the standard test chamber will not fit when the PRM is installed we offer a Large Volume Test Chamber that allows the Optics end of the LISST-200X to be submerged with the PRM installed.  The Large Volume Test Chamber is available as a separate option.

Path Reduction Module installed on LISST-200X


Large Volume Test Chamber for LISST-200X


Full Path Flow Through Chamber

The Full Path Flow Through Chamber allows the LISST-200X to be used in a flow through arrangement.  This allows the LISST-200X to be included in inline applications on a ship or pumped operations in the lab.  The Chamber is easily install as its four pieces are simply inserted in the optics end of the LISST-200X and bolted together with thumbscrews.  The sides are made of clear acrylic so that flow can be monitored.  The inlet and outlet have female ½” NPT threads with barb fittings for ½” tubing pre-installed.  The Full Path Flow Through Chamber is suitable for pressures up to about 10 psi or 0.7 Bar.  Applications for the chamber include underway flow through systems and laboratory testing such as sample testing or flume monitoring.


Full Path Flow Through Chamber installed on LISST-200X

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