Sequoia Scientific

Naval Research Laboratory Deploys LISST’s Near Alaska

August 31, 2021

Dr. Daniel Koestner with the Naval Research Laboratory deploys an IOP package consisting of a LISST-VSF, LISST-100X, LISST-Holo2 from Sequoia and a suite of sensors from Sea-Bird Scientific in the arctic waters near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Dr. Koestner has returned to conduct annual optical measurements in the region since 2018, and has recently submitted a paper for publication with LISST-VSF data from this region. The paper evaluates several optical proxies for characterization of particle mass concentration, composition, and size distribution of suspended particulate matter in coastal waters. All of these proxies can be determined from careful analysis of LISST-VSF data.


Dr. Koestner’s IOP package on deck, ready to be deployed in the freezing waters of Prudhoe Bay.

Dr. Koestner’s IOP package deployed and ready to profile.