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LISSTs on the North Pole!

April 1, 2021

Sequoia prides itself on sending our LISST instruments to customers all around the world – and it is especially exciting to have seen our LISST-VSF and LISST-200X make a trip to the North Pole. Håkon Sandven, Arne S Kristoffersen, Yi-Chun Chen and Børge Hamre of the University of Bergen took these two LISSTS to the North Pole to test their ability to collect in situ volume scattering measurements in this extreme environment. As climate change progresses, and we see glacial and ice-covered ocean environments change rapidly, it is with growing importance that those monitoring the oceans are able to do so with accurate and precise tools.

LISST-VSF in excellent company on the North Pole: Left-to-right: Håkon Sandven, Bjørnar Hallaråker Røsvik & Henrik Hellem
















Bjørnar Hallaråker Røsvik & Henrik Hellem profiling through the ice












The University of Bergen team has published their findings in an Optics Express article entitled “In situ measurements of the volume scattering function with LISST-VSF and LISST-200X in extreme environments: evaluation of instrument calibration and validity” and can be found here. Read it – it’s good!

(Incidentally, one of the earliest uses of Sequoia’s original particle-sizing instrument, the LISST-100 as well as the LISST-ST was off of Svalbard, Norway – not too far from the North Pole).