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LISST-Portable used by USGS in stormwater research!

May 16, 2012

Portable_w_cheatsheet_254pxWSequoia’s LISST-Portable is used for stomwater research by Bill Selbig with the USGS Water Science Center in Wisconsin.

He is featured in an article in the June 2012 issue of Stormwater – the journal for surface water quality professionals, which focuses on tools and techniques for monitoring water quality.

Selbig has invented a new type of sampler for sampling suspended sediments in stormwater drains and the samples are being analysed for particle size using a LISST-Portable – some times even on site without the need for taking the sample to the lab. Says Selbig: “The LISST-Portable was really handy, and we’re very pleased with the product… Sequoia has been very helpful whenever we would have some complications or technical problems… It’s a very small unit. It allows us to take it from one site to the next and get nearly instantaneous results.”