Sequoia Scientific

LISST Included in Particle Sensor System used by SINTEF Ocean

June 16, 2021


Thank you to Dr. Emlyn Davies and SINTEF Ocean for sending us thse amazing photographs of a LISST-100 in action in a sensor system used for mapping fish eggs, larvae and zooplankton. Located in Norway, SINTEF Ocean conducts research and innovation related to ocean space for national and international industries. Dr. Emlyn Davies, a senior research scientist at SINTEF Ocean, finds new ways to measure ocean particles using instruments like Sequoia’s LISST’s. The ocean is full of millions of different types of small particles – some crucial to the health of our planet, some harmful pollutants. In this blog post, Observing our ocean’s ecosystem: A microscopic perspective on the importance of measuring particles in the ocean, Dr. Davies gives insight into the array of different reasons measuring our oceans’ particles is so important.