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LISST delivery to KIOST

May 3, 2022

The Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) has taken delivery of a LISST-200X from Sequoia!  The flagship LISST-200X is a self-contained submersible particle size analyzer, designed for measuring suspended particle size and concentration in aquatic environments. Sequoia’s local distributor, Otronix, supported the effort and works closely with KIOST supporting many scientific products across the organization.

KIOST is a state-run institution tasked with discovering new scientific knowledge about the ocean for the benefit of the people. To that end, KIOST strives to develop cutting-edge scientific technology and acquire new knowledge in order to discover advanced life, minerals, and energy resources in the ocean and establish future-oriented port city infrastructure and coastal landscapes. In doing so, KIOST is contributing to the development of the national economy while producing talented, next-generation human resources to sustain it.

SY Kim of OTRONIX and Senior Research Scientist Jeong, Euiyoung of KIOST

Learn more about the LISST-200X instrument by following this link: