Sequoia Scientific

LISST-Deep delivered to Brazil

April 8, 2021

Sequoia Scientific, Inc. has delivered a LISST-Deep instrument to a customer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The instrument will be used for deep ocean sediment monitoring in and around critical oil & gas infrastructure in the oil-rich waters off the East coast of Brazil. The LISST-Deep allows engineers and scientists to analyze the behavior of sediments, identify problem areas and develop mitigation plans as they become apparent. The LISST-Deep has a track record of being used for this type of application since its introduction in 1996, including the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon accident in 2010.

The LISST-Deep instrument obtains in-situ measurements of particle size distribution, volume concentration, optical transmission, beam attenuation, and the optical volume scattering function (VSF) at depths down to 4,000 meters. Learn more about the LISST-Deep here.


Okeanus, Sequoia’s Brazilian distributor, has supported efforts with oil & gas, academia and environmental clients for years and markets the Sequoia product line across the country.