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LISST-Deep Barents Sea Deployment

October 19, 2021

Tuesday Testimonial, LISST-Deep In situ particle measurements in the Barents Sea! Dr. A.S. Lokhov at the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow (Russia) states, “The LISST-Deep device has a wide range of measured particles, a great operational depth, and a rather high number of discrete measurements per unit of time; allows in situ measurements in the water column; and has the ability to interface with a CTD, which makes this laser diffractometer the most versatile tool for studying the concentration and PSD of sediments.” 

Learn more about the 4,000 meter rated LISST-Deep and read Dr. Lokhov’s paper “In situ Measurements of the Characteristics of Suspended Particles in the Barents Sea by the LISST-Deep Laser Diffractometer” found in the following link: Click Here

Russia & Barents Sea