Sequoia Scientific

LISST Application Approach with Gravity Marine

July 28, 2021

Designed and built by Sequoia Scientific Inc., the LISST product line is used by scientists and technical operators around the globe to conduct environmental monitoring. LISST’s provide key in situ datasets such as particle size, concentration and water optical properties for use in operations ranging from dredging, marine construction, coastal rehabilitation, biological study, to contaminant remediation and more.

Sequoia’s longtime customer, Gravity Marine uses a variety of LISST products to achieve results for their worldwide client base.  Gravity’s Jeff Wilson focuses on supporting monitoring applications of sediment transport and aquatic resources. Often, state and federal government regulates and issues permits in regards to water quality.  Private companies and government monitoring agencies contract out monitoring services to companies like Gravity who have the technical staff, experience, equipment, business model suited for this type of work.

Gravity helps their customers meet reporting and monitoring needs associated with their projects, and in some cases help optimize the production rates in a dredging or marine construction area where a solid understanding of data allows operations move smoothly.

A go-to instrument for Gravity is the Sequoia LISST-200X which measures particle size distribution, suspended sediment concentration, beam transmission, and more.  The instrument is uniquely designed to operate in-situ down to 600 meters depth or lab based with water samples pumped through the optics.  The LISST-200X uses proven laser diffraction technology measure particle size from 1 to 500 microns.  This understanding of size is a fundamental component to the study of sediment dynamics in both fresh and saltwater environments.  The real-time data output also allows users time to respond and augment operations as needed.

Based on their broad client demands in environments ranging from the arctic to the equator, Gravity has deployed LISST instruments from moored platforms, profilers on ships, buoys, and towed vehicles.

Sequoia also offers additional products suited for environmental monitoring.