Sequoia Scientific

LISST-ABS and -AOBS Webinar Part 1

November 18, 2020

Last month, Sequoia & the USGS co-organized a workshop on our LISST-ABS & LISST-AOBS instruments. The LISST-ABS is a low-cost sensor specifically for measuring Suspended Sediment Concentration at a point. It represents an advance over turbidity sensors. It is suitable for use in environmental applications, as well as in industry, such as hydropower.Super-Turbidity is a patent pending technology developed by Sequoia Scientific, Inc. It involves pairing a LISST-ABS with a turbidity sensor using a weight factor, which results in a single, combined output from the two sensors. Once paired, the LISST-AOBS retains near-constant calibration for SSC over a wide grain-size range. The LISST-AOBS Super-Turbidity sensor is supplied by Sequoia as an integrated and paired turbidity and acoustic sensor with a variety of cabling and data logger options.
Watch part one of this four part series here!