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LISST-200X now in a 4,000 m LISST-Deep version

April 4, 2023

Sequoia’s workhorse, the LISST-200X now exists in a 4,000 m rated LISST-Deep version. This version of the LISST-Deep immediately replaces the former LISST-Deep, which was based on LISST-100X optics and electronics. The externals of the new LISST-Deep have the same dimensions and look as the old LISST-Deep. The internal optics and electronics and internal mechanical parts have been redesigned to accommodate LISST-200X optics and electronics. The LISST-200X and the LISST-Deep now also share the same software for programming, offloading and processing data.

For an example of how the new LISST-200X-style LISST-Deep has been used for plankton and organic matter research, read this brief interview with Dr. Thomas Kelly, University of Alaska.

The new LISST-200X-style LISST-Deep is available immediately from stock subject to prior orders / eight weeks lead time otherwise.

Older LISST-Deeps cannot be upgraded to the new LISST-200X-style LISST-Deep.

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LISST-Deep promo photo