Sequoia Scientific

LISST-200X featuring real-time processing and multi-language support

October 21, 2021

Sequoia’s workhorse LISST-200X, the world’s only submersible particle size analyzer in commercial production, now features real-time processing and data output. Previously, the mathematically intensive process of converting raw scattering data into particle size distributions required software on a Windows PC. Now, Sequoia’s engineers have upgraded the LISST-200X’s electronics and firmware to accelerate onboard processing by a factor of several hundred. With the accelerated processor, the LISST-200X has the computing power to calculate and transmit fully processed particle size data and concentrations in real time, at 0.5Hz, via its serial port. All LISST-200X’s shipped in 2020 and later (starting with serial number 2131) have the accelerated processor. Newly-released firmware version 2.102 and LISST-200X software version 1.14 unleash the hardware’s full capabilities. For LISST-200X’s with the accelerated processor, the firmware upgrade is user-installable. For more information, contact Sequoia support directly

The LISST-200X software now also features multi-language support capability. Currently, English and Danish are fully supported. If you are interested in a version of the LISST-200X software for your language, please contact Sequoia support directly to discuss.

LISST-200X software in Danish – why not your language?