Sequoia Scientific

Hyper-bb to Cleveland State University

January 26, 2022

Dr. Brice Grunert

Dr. Brice Grunert of Cleveland State University has ordered a Hyper-bb in-situ backscattering sensor for use in Great Lakes, Artic, and other field research. Dr. Grunert’s research involves observing how colored organic matter reacts with light, especially using optical measurements from the field, including from Hyper-bb, to track carbon cycling within the ocean and atmosphere systems and better understand changes in water quality. When asked how the Hyper-bb would support his work, Dr. Grunert shared that by characterizing particulate backscattering in aquatic systems, he can better estimate aquatic biogeochemical cycles from satellite sensors, particularly hyperspectral satellite sensors. “The Hyper-bb significantly increases the number of observations relative to existing bb sensors. This improves our spectral characterization, our ability to estimate particle composition, and applications for satellite observations.”


Sequoia is pleased to support and enhance the work of Dr. Grunert through the use of Hyper-bb and looks forward to seeing the results and data that this partnership will bring.