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Hyper-bb at Bigelow Lab

October 25, 2022

Hyper-bb and Sea Bird ac-s working in unison at Bigelow!

Sequoia recently asked scientists Catherine Mitchell (Senior Research Scientist) and David Drapeau (Senior Research Associate) at the Bigelow Laboratory, to describe how they are using the Hyper-bb, a hyperspectral backscatter instrument designed by Sequoia.; here’s what they said…

  1. Question: What problems are you trying to solve by using the Hyper-bb?

“We are investigating the impact of volcanic ash on phytoplankton growth with satellites, ship-based experiments, and geological and chemical analyses. As part of this work, we are measuring the influence of ash on ocean colour so that we can ultimately use satellites to study this problem. This is where the Hyper-bb comes in – we are using it, and other instrumentation, to measure the optical signal from the ash and the ash mixed with phytoplankton.”

  1. Question: How did you conclude that the Hyper-bb would help you solve problems and be useful for future research before purchasing?

“The Hyper-bb measures backscattering of light at more wavelengths than other instruments currently on the market. Our research focuses on developing methods to interpret ocean colour remote sensing data and having the high spectral resolution data provided by the Hyper-bb is a key part of separating out the effect of different materials on the overall ocean colour.”

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is an independent, nonprofit research institute located in East Boothbay, Maine. From the Arctic to the Antarctic, Bigelow Laboratory scientists use innovative approaches to study the foundation of global ocean health and unlock its potential to improve the future for all life on our planet.

Photograph is provided by David Drapeau, who plumbed the Hyper-bb together with a Sea Bird ac-s, to make simultaneous flow through measurements aboard the CCG John P Tully in the North Pacific.

Hyper-bb aboard CCG John P Tully in the North Pacific

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