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Free PiA Webinar: Speaker Dr. Ashish Mehta from the Universty of Florida

February 11, 2021

Feb. 17, 2021., Time – 3:00 p.m. (Bogota): Dr. Ashish Mehta is Emeritus Professor at the University of Florida. He writes, “Recent interest in the implications of climate change has spurred research on the effect of water temperature on the transport of fine sediments, particularly flocculated cohesive sediments. Although often thought to be a tractable problem in terms of the effect of temperature on forces binding cohesive particles together, natural effects cannot be treated independently of the role of biota. Moreover, while small-scale natural systems such as coastal river deltas are less cumbersome to model with respect to changes in particle transport processes and the required boundary conditions, the rapidity with which these systems become complex as the scale increases make it challenging to account for the natural processes without an extensive understanding the feedbacks between the physical and biological processes.”


His topic: “Some Observations on the effect of water temperature on the movement of fine sediment particles.” Click here to watch live.