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Dr. Wayne Slade Named Vice President, Science and Technology

October 24, 2019

Sequoia Scientific, Inc. announces today the promotion of Dr. Wayne Slade (LinkedIn Profile) to the position of Vice President, Science and Technology.  

In this capacity, Dr. Slade will build on previous success in securing R&D funding and lead efforts to search out and bring to market new product technologies that complement Sequoia’s existing technology portfolio. This is in line with Sequoia’s goals of continued growth and adding product breadth to help meet the demands of the global industrial and environmental science communities. 

“Dr. Slade has brought forward a number of new Sequoia products in the last couple of years, most recently the LISST-Horizon and Hyper-bb instruments,” comments Sequoia President & CEO Dr. Ole Mikkelsen. “We anticipate strong growth for 2020 and 2021 based on these developments, as well as other ongoing and forthcoming developments initiated by Dr. Slade. In his new capacity as VP Science and Technology, he will have great leeway to seek out and test emerging and experimental technologies for Sequoia, which we are sure will be to his and Sequoia’s mutual benefit. 

Both the LISST-Horizon and Hyper-bb instruments were developed through the NASA SBIR program which funds the development of technology to support NASA needsLISST-Horizon is a self-contained and automated instrument for measuring particle size and optical properties in flow-through systems on research vessels. The instrument aims to bridge a data gap in ocean science by measuring particle properties over large time and space scales to support NASA’s ocean color and biogeochemistry programs. Similarly, the Hyper-bb instrument addresses a data gap in hyperspectral ocean color validation studies, providing in situ measurements of backscattering at higher spectral resolution than existing instruments used in the field.  

“At Sequoia, my efforts have been directed toward development of new optical instruments to support biogeochemical studies and ocean color remote sensing,” comments Dr. Slade. “It has been particularly interesting to work on adapting and deploying optical instruments in observing systems, on autonomous platforms, and in other challenging applications. I look forward to helping to lead Sequoia on a trajectory of continued growth in these markets by staying closely involved in the ocean science community and abreast of emerging sensing technologies and platforms.” 

Dr. Slade received his Ph.D. in Oceanography in 2011 focused on ocean particle optics, and M.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2004 focused on signal and image processing and intelligent algorithm design. He has been employed by Sequoia since 2011 as a scientist.  

Read more about Dr. Slade’s research interests and projects at ResearchGate (Profile)

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