Sequoia Scientific

Dr. Ole Mikkelsen promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing

December 9, 2011

Sequoia Scientific, Inc. is pleased to announce that as of 12/08/2011, Dr. Ole Mikkelsen’s title and role at Sequoia Scientific, Inc. will change from Manager of Sales and Marketing to Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Writing to Sequoia’s international distributors with the news about Dr. Mikkelsen’s promotion, company president, Dr. Yogi Agrawal, said “This change in title acknowledges the many contributions that Dr. Mikkelsen has made within the company, and his very thorough and extensive management of his role in sales and market development. A few of you may also know that he is a recognized scientist in the field of marine sediment transport, with significant publications in the field. He will continue to publish as well.”