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Dr. Mahon plans Lake Pontchartrain focus!

December 11, 2023

Dr. Robert Clyde Mahon

Dr. Robert Clyde Mahon, an assistant professor at The University of New Orleans has recently purchased a LISST-200X from Sequoia Scientific, Inc.. Dr. Mahon is the principal investigator for a $568,000 grant and purchased the LISST-200X as part of a larger component funded by the State of Louisiana to monitor Lake Pontchartrain and create high capacity datasets for the state. This includes real-time wave data and sediment data.

Dr. Mahon has used a LISST-100X in the past, but decided it was time to upgrade to a LISST-200X due to the enhanced grain size range, smaller more portable size of the modernized instrument compared to its LISST-100X predecessor, and the ability to have more than one on-hand. The instrument can also be used on site in waterways or as a bench-top in a lab for low concentration measurements which was also a consideration for the researcher.

Sequoia is looking forward to learning what discoveries are found by the expanded data collection capabilities and enhanced ability to use that data to help coastal communities in Louisiana.