Sequoia Scientific

Dataloggers now available for the LISST-ABS

May 8, 2019

Sequoia is happy to announce an agreement with Fondriest Environmental, OH. Fondriest’s Nexsens dataloggers and float kit will be offered by Sequoia for easy integration with the LISST-ABS. Three models/options are available:

  • X2 – a non-submersible but splash proof logger. The X2 requires external power, e.g. from a car battery.
  • X2-SDL – a submersible logger rated to 60 m depth. The X2-SDL comes with internal batteries. No external power needed.
  • A submersible float kit for integration of the X2-SDL logger and LISST-ABS on a subsurface mooring.

A wide range of cable options for connecting the loggers and LISST-ABS is also available from Sequoia.

The logger, cable option and float kit offerings makes it possible for Sequoia to offer complete, turn-key packages for the LISST-ABS with everything needed for LISST-ABS data collection in a semi-dry, wet or submerged environment.

X2 Data Logger – weatherproof, designed for outdoor use, non-submersible

X2-SDL – depth rated to 60 meters, powered by internal batteries

Mooring Package – stainless steel frame, twin float balls, allows mounting of LISST-ABS and X2-SDL data logger